Wholesale Wedding Rings

Wholesale wedding bands and rings are an affordable option for any couple planning upcoming nuptials. Of course the most important thing to every couple is to find that one special unique ring to mark the most memorable day of their lives together: the day it all begins.

Many men and women will pay far more than is necessary for a wedding band. Quality rings for both men and women are available from wholesale dealers, offering an escape from paying too much.

Basically “wholesale” means that these wedding bands and rings are either manufactured and crafted on-site or are shipped directly from a manufacturer, factory or designer. Rings designed by famous names such as Harry Winston are not found in wholesale stores.

Save Money with Wholesale

By purchasing their wedding bands or rings at wholesale price, couples could save hundreds of dollars. Saving money in today’s economy is important for everyone and especially for couples planning a wedding.Wedding Rings Bought Wholesale

To put this into perspective, a man and woman who purchase their bands from a wholesaler instead of a trendy jewelry store may save enough money to pay for a significant part of their honeymoon or possibly enough for an exquisite dress for the bride.

This article will discuss the many aspects of wedding bands and rings and how wholesale rings provide an advantage.

Planning Ahead

Before setting out to purchase a wholesale wedding band for either a man or woman, it is important to have a rough plan in mind. This doesn’t mean knowing exactly what to look for, because that is the point of shopping. However it is important to know a few helpful things before the shopping process begins:


For couples who are not shopping together, it is important for one to know the other’s ring size. If the ring will be a complete surprise, determining this factor may be difficult. Men should talk to the woman’s parents or close friends to see if they will help by taking her shopping to try on jewelry and rings; or perhaps they already know her size.

Those who are sneaky may be able to find another ring belonging to the man or woman and measure it. To measure the ring, take a piece of thin string and wrap it entirely around the length of the ring band. Mark it carefully and save the string, which may be used at a jewelry store to match on a sizing chart. Couples who are shopping together or already know about the plan to purchase a wedding band may visit a jewelry store to try on sizing band models.


Unless a man or woman works in a field where finger jewelry is a health hazard, most likely the ring will be worn all of the time. Having a comfortable fit is important for a piece of jewelry that will be virtually permanent. The comfort fit or cushion fit is a design piece added on the inside of the ring to provide a smooth and weightless feeling for a ring.

If this option is desired, it will be important to know that ahead of time. Most men and women planning marriage will be able to know their partner well enough to determine if this is the best option or not.


This is the all-encompassing factor of look, band or diamond size, metals and cut. There are countless different styles, so watching to see what type of jewelry the significant other prefers will usually help determine this.

Once again if the ring is a surprise, try consulting friends or family of the person who will be receiving the ring. Choosing the right tone of metal and material, the right stone cut and band preference will be something important.

Advantages Of Wholesale Wedding Bands And Rings

One popular misconception about wholesale diamond rings and wedding bands is that they are made poorly. This is not true; in fact wholesale jewelry is crafted exactly the same as jewelry purchased in a store.

Wholesale wedding bands and rings are simply sold for a lower price because they are purchased directly from the manufacturer, excluding the profit mark-up found in jewelry stores. Following are some attractive advantages about purchasing wholesale wedding bands and rings:


All jewelery stores that purchase their rings from a wholesaler will add a mark-up fee; often the average markup is 100%, sometimes exceeding 300%. This applies to new prices, so a jewelry store selling a ring at a 50% discount will still be gaining at least a 50% profit higher than the original wholesale price.

So in essence a wholesale ring will cost at least half of what it would in a jewelry store, on average. To give an illustration, a 14 karat gold wedding band with diamond chips equaling a total carat weight of 1 carat, also with fair clarity will usually cost about $1,200 in a jewelry store; from a wholesaler the same ring would cost about $575 on average.


Some wholesale companies offer rings simply “as is”, meaning that if resizing, shaping or alterations are desired, they must be completed elsewhere. There are several wholesale factories that will personalize a ring to some extent, though. Perhaps a couple would like a special two-toned yellow and white gold set of matching bands.

This would be possible, but generally a specially hand-crafted design such as a Celtic knot with a family crest would be out of the realm of most wholesalers to craft on demand. Some outlets such as The Jewelry Exchange in Tustin, California will even allow customers to watch while their diamonds are set in a band.

Higher Appraisal

Many wholesalers will tell customers that their ring will appraise for a higher price than they paid for it at the wholesale outlet. This is true; bands and rings purchased at a wholesale outlet will be valued at a higher price. If in the future a person decided to sell their ring and upgrade to a more fashionable or larger diamond size, this could be a major monetary benefit.

Some people have actually sold their wholesale jewelry for slightly more or the same amount they paid for it. Oppositely, jewelers will usually offer customers 1/3 of what was paid for the ring if they choose to return it and upgrade. To put the idea into perspective, suppose a ring was purchased from a jewelry store for $3,000. Keep in mind at the wholesale outlet, the same ring would cost $1,400.

If the customer returned and brought the ring in to the jewelry store toward an upgrade, they would have a $1,000 credit, but the ring is valued at $2,000. They could take the credit offer and consume a loss, or sell the ring independently and take a $1000 loss. However, by purchasing it from the wholesaler they will gain $600 by selling it independently.


While many wholesale purchases are transacted on the “as is” basis, this does not mean the jewelry will not have a warranty. Most manufacturers will offer a warranty or replacement option for diamonds if the ring is properly maintained. This means that usually the ring must be checked thoroughly by a qualified jeweler about every 6 months to 1 year, depending on the manufacturer’s terms. Once the jeweler signs that he or she has checked the ring, it is considered to be remaining under warranty. Broken or damaged jewelry often falls under the warranty terms as well.

Where To Buy Wholesale Wedding Bands And Rings

The main reason wholesale wedding bands and rings are not as popular as they seemingly should be is due to two facts: first, until recently wholesale outlet stores were often difficult to find, resulting in the second reason which is that people are simply unaware of this great advantage. Currently there are plenty of places to buy wholesale wedding bands and rings, including:

Outlet Stores

Many big cities have jewelry outlet stores. Most outlet locations do not advertise as much as jewelry stores because they know their products will sell; if not to the public, then surely to the jewelry stores. Consulting an online directory of the phone book will assist customers in finding a wholesale outlet store in most larger cities.

Internet Wholesalers

Buying wholesale rings from internet companies may require work and research. Some companies will make extremely enticing offers and prices, but may be falsifying information. If driving to a nearby city with a physical outlet store having a positive reputation is impossible, there are a few good online wholesalers to purchase jewelry from.

One of the most well-known, trusted and reputable names in the wholesale jewelry business is Robbins Brothers. Their home store locations are scattered throughout Southern California but they do have online purchasing available. Also a reputable company, CW Jewelers online offers free informational and educational brochures to answer the most popular questions asked by customers.

A third reputable and trustworthy company is RC Jewelry of New York. Each of the previously mentioned companies have websites and the option to order online with the same warranties offered to store customers.

Important Shopping Information

The important thing to remember about internet wholesalers is to be sure the company is reputable before ordering. Also it is advised never to order wholesale jewelry from overseas. International laws are not as strict about fraud as those in the United States, meaning there is less chance of charges being pressed and even less chance being compensated.

For those who are shopping in an outlet establishment, it is important to avoid being persuaded away from personal preferences. While wholesale representatives are not normally as aggressive as a jewelry store salesperson, they may try to persuade a customer to buy a specific ring. Keeping in mind that this decision belongs only to those purchasing the ring is the best way to stay on track and find the perfect wholesale wedding band or ring.

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