Eternity Wedding Rings

Wedding bands have evolved significantly, throughout history. This year is no exception. A current trend in wedding bands is the diamond eternity band. Many people are opting to use the eternity ring as their wedding band.

Eternity wedding bands & rings are a symbol of undying, everlasting love between a husband and wife. An eternity band says “I love you.” It is a serious investment. The bands are classic, yet modern twist on the wedding band. Wives sporting eternity bands always garner the attention and envy of other women.


There is some debate as to the origin of the eternity ring. Some sources credit the Egyptians with the inception of the band studded with diamonds. Others swear that the practice began with the Sumerians in Ur. Still other sources claim that the Elizabethans invented the practice.

Regardless of its foundation, the practice has become hugely popular today. Today’s brides are the luckiest in history. There are more choices than ever before for a bride and groom walking down the aisle.

Rings for Dress Up

Eternity wedding bands & rings are also called “dress rings.” These bands are encrusted with diamonds. The rings appear to be a continuous line of gems. Couples often infuse an eternity ring in honor of a momentous occasion. Anniversaries, the birth of a child, or some other challenging circumstance often signal a man to purchase an eternity wedding band for his wife.

Dressier than a simple band, eternity bands are dazzling for an evening out, but many wives wear the rings throughout the day.

Types of Eternity BandsEngagement Ring Styles

Eternity wedding bands & rings can be a full ring of diamonds or a half ring. A full eternity wedding band cannot be re-sized.

The gemstones or diamonds along the circumference of the band precludes any efforts to resize the ring.

For this reason, many people opt for a half-ring eternity wedding band.

Stone Shape and Size

Large stones can be used on the half-ring eternity wedding band. However, larger stones start to give the ring the look of a three-stone ring or a bridal set. The eternity wedding band typically has smaller stones nestled together.

Diamonds or Gemstones

Typically eternity wedding bands & rings have diamonds only. However, more and more precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are used in these rings, as well. Sometimes precious stones are oscillated with diamonds. Sometimes husbands opt to have birthstones of children used in tandem with diamonds. Eternity wedding bands & rings can be personalized for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Replacement or Addition

Many wives decide to replace their wedding and engagement rings with the eternity wedding band. However, other wives who receive slim eternity bands do wear all three pieces together or just replace their wedding band.

Setting Choice

Eternity wedding bands & rings can have a variety of settings. Many are channel set to avoid having the stones of the ring set up and rub against the fingers adjacent to the ring. A channel set uses a cavity to drop the diamonds into so the stones do not protrude from the ring. Others have a pave setting. This setting gets its name from its look: as though the ring is paved with diamonds. The diamonds are set so closely to one another that prongs are invisible.

Metals Speak for You

Yellow gold is the traditional choice for wedding bands. People feel it communicates warmth and affection. White gold originally came into use as a substitute for platinum. Once platinum came onto the scene, it was used as the preferred metal. During war time, platinum was rationed so couples resorted to white gold. Today it is considered an elegant choice. Platinum is the most durable option on the market. Two-tone rings are more popular than ever for couples who have difficulty choosing.


Comfort is a weighty consideration when purchasing eternity bands. If the ring is uncomfortable, it is not going to see a lot of wear.

Unisex Options

At present, eternity wedding bands & rings are designed for women. There are wedding bands encrusted with diamonds that can be purchased for the groom. Hypothetically, a wife could purchase such a band for her husband as an anniversary present. Such a band could be procured to simulate the eternity wedding band selected for the bride. But traditionally speaking eternity wedding bands & rings are intended for women.


Many factors influence the price of eternity wedding bands & rings. The metals are used, whether the entire ring is made of diamonds or alternating gemstones are included, width, and setting.

Typically speaking, shared prong and bar settings will run more than a channel set eternity ring. U Shaped round setting eternity rings will cost even more than shared prong. Micro pave is cheaper than pave settings.

Half-ring eternity rings will be cheaper than full eternity rings. The average 18 carat yellow gold full channel set eternity ring will run in the neighborhood of $3,000. The average 18 carat half-ring yellow gold channel set eternity ring will only set a husband back around $1,300.

The average platinum full ring channel set eternity ring with cost nearly $5,000. A half-ring, channel set eternity ring, in platinum, will have a retail price of nearly $2,000.

The average full princess cut 18 carat yellow gold eternity ring will cost nearly $4,000. The half-ring version will run nearly $1,600. The average full princess cut, platinum, eternity ring will cost $4,500. The half-ring version will cost nearly $3,000.

Cheaper quality diamonds can be purchased for significantly less. A channel set full eternity ring with low clarity and color can be procured for roughly $500.

Prices vary widely with quality and rarity. Firenze Jewels, Inc. offers 6.57 carat platinum brilliant cut white diamonds. With D-E color, VVS2 clarity and excellent cut, this fine piece of jewelry retails for more than $32,000.

Where to Buy Eternity Wedding Bands & Rings

DeBebians online store offers detailed pricing charts showing how the setting and quality of the diamonds themselves impact your price. The set budget for the ring can quickly and easily be applied to the chart to find the most ring for the money.

Eternity Wedding Bands online store allows the shopper to compare costs based upon total carat weight as well as the precious metals used to create the ring.

James Allen Professional Jeweler website also gives the shopper options, but not as many as DeBebians and Eternity Wedding Bands.

There are literally hundreds of online eternity wedding bands & rings vendors. Beware as you shop online. Ensure that the description matches the picture. Check the return policy and shipping costs. Resist the temptation, to purchase an eternity ring that appears to be a terrific deal, but has a limited description.

Saving Money

Getting the best deal on eternity wedding bands & rings will be accomplished through comparison shopping. Choosing cheaper precious metals for the band, smaller stones, and less expensive settings will all drive down prices.

Some couples do opt to purchase used eternity wedding bands & rings to cut costs. However, other people feel uneasy about using a ring from a broken relationship as a symbol for the everlasting love of another relationship.


When purchasing eternity wedding bands & rings, sizing is more crucial than ever. The best and most accurate means of ascertaining size is to walk into a jewelry store and request a sizing. This can be accomplished in a matter of moments by sliding a series of metals rings onto the finger to find the best, most comfortable fit.

Eternity bands sometimes dictate a half size larger than the typical ring size depending upon whether or not the setting protrudes from the band. Online sites provide sizing tools, but the most accurate method is in person sizing. If an eternity wedding band is purchased online, ensure that return policies allow for a misstep in sizing.

Popular Brands

Some of the biggest names in jewelry are also the most popular names in eternity wedding bands & rings. Zales Jewelers have long been associated with jewelry and are now a popular source for eternity rings. Barsky Diamonds is another admired brand of eternity rings. Robbins Brothers Jewelry carries a number of eternity rings.

All the Single Ladies

Another popular trend in eternity wedding bands & rings is for women to purchase the rings for themselves. Many single women are not waiting for a relationship or a man to enjoy exquisite jewelry. In fact, jewelers are reporting a sharp increase in the number of women buying eternity rings for themselves in the absence of a relationship.

Lasting Value

Many people see eternity wedding bands & rings as a lasting and valuable heirloom. These rings are being put aside for future generations as a window and connection to generations who came before.

Eternity wedding bands & rings are a popular choice for wedding bands, anniversary gifts, gifts in recognition of achievement and overcoming obstacles. These rings are a timeless, classic piece of jewelry sure to enhance the hand of whoever wears them.

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