Antique Engagement Rings

There are countless options available when it comes to choosing the right antique style engagement rings. With the advent of the internet, consumers have unlimited access to literally millions of different ring styles and settings.

While this can provide shoppers with a great variety of engagement rings, it can also become overwhelming. Quality may end up being compromised when shopping on a budget. Here are some valuable tips to help find a perfect engagement ring.

Research ring styles

With antique styles varying greatly depending on the era, the best place to start is by doing research based on the time period you are interested in. Trends have always dictated the style of jewelry, so a difference between rings from the 1930s to the 1940s can be huge.

Some examples of keywords that can be very helpful when narrowing the search are: art deco, filigree, and engraved. By using the internet, you can pinpoint the era that produced the styles that best suit your individual taste.

Set the Budget

It is easy to get carried away while shopping for the perfect ring, and often go over budget. Set a price range before beginning to shop, and stick to it. With the choices available today, you will most likely find exactly what you want within a price range you can easily afford. By taking the extra time to buy an engagement ring, it will be much easier not to overspend.

Communication is Key

Unless the potential bride prefers to be completely taken by surprise, it can be a wonderful experience to shop for the ring together.

In this modern age, couples can benefit from the bonding experience that can result from finding an engagement ring together.

This is also a great way to choose wedding bands that will match or coordinate well with the engagement ring.

Ring Sizing

Most local jewelers will be able to help you determine rings sizes for free. And visiting local jewelry stores, can be an excellent resource to use. Jewelers are knowledgeable and experienced, and many can also special order items for you. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes prices can rise steeply in a jewelry store depending on individual mark ups.

Price is a Factor

It is possible to find really great deals on antique style engagement rings. Prices can even start below a hundred dollars. Sterling silver is a great option if you are on a really tight budget, and there are types of silver that will not tarnish. Other metals to choose from are gold, white gold, platinum and titanium.

And there are many gemstones to choose from as well, such as diamonds of all colors, rubies, emeralds and pearls. Fabricated jewels such as cubic zirconia can be a nice option for the budget conscious. Usually, the more intricate the design, the more it will cost.

Personalize It

In order to make a statement, and to pay tribute to the love between to people who plan on sharing the rest of their lives together, an inscription is wonderful. Engraving can be as simple as the wedding date, or something truly meaningful.

You can pay homage to your heritage, such as a Gaelic saying or an African tribal phrase. Engravings can be done on the outside of a plain band, or for more intricate engagement rings, the inside can be a good place to personalize the ring.

Consider Buying Used

When looking at antique style engagement rings, consider looking at true antiques. The sentimental value can go up dramatically, because each ring has it’s own story. The older the ring is, the more personal value it can hold.

On the other hand, many couples prefer the idea of a ring that has been purchased brand new, and they are creating a story with the ring for the first and only time. It all depends on individual perspective, but buying used can be a great option to increase quality and overall value of the ring.

With these helpful hints, you can find the perfect engagement ring with relative ease, using the vast amount of resources that are available today. Creating memories that will last a lifetime starts when you find your true love, and finding the perfect engagement ring is the next step down the path of a lifetime of love and happiness.

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