Silver Engagement Rings

Silver Engagement Rings that Say “I Do”

With economies being at an all time low and many people trying to save for their future, spending exuberant amounts of money may not be an option during the present. However, that does not mean that life’s most important decisions must be avoided. If you are thinking about asking that special someone for their hand in marriage but find yourself with light pockets, you should turn to one of the many silver engagement rings that are becoming very popular.

Silver has also become one of the most sought after metals of the day and is increasing in value with every close of the world markets. In fact, many women may prefer a silver engagement ring for that special moment based on the fact that they are much less maintenance and just as durable as other rings. Silver is a pure metal that maintains a natural luster very similar to platinum.

It will tarnish but not turn colors like white gold, which is a reason that many women prefer silver engagement rings over white gold. No matter what your reason for considering the purchase of a silver engagement ring, you will find a large variety of pieces. With so many rings to choose from, you are sure to find one she will want to wear for the rest of her life.

Different Designs and Styles

Silver engagement rings come in just as many shapes and styles as the rings that are set in white gold or platinum. The designs are just as contemporary and can be found at many of the same stores. One of the great aspects concerning the purchase of a silver ring is the fact that many come in sets.Wedding Rings, Silver

This means that not only will you get your engagement ring, but you will also get a matching band as well. For instance, you may want to look into the Brilliant Cut Channel Set, which is a matching set of rings that are both stunning in design and style.

This silver ring set features a seven millimeter band when all rings are worn at once, and the center stone is a large 1.25 carat cubic zirconia. The total carat weight is 1.5, which includes all of the stones on the ring.

The weight of the rings when all totaled comes out to be 6.2 grams and the bands are genuine 925 silver. This set is one of the most popular silver engagement rings that come in a set. This will cost the potential buyer between $35 and $45, which is very inexpensive for everything that comes with the set and can be purchased by searching online by name in one of the many search engines.

Celebrity Designs

For some, a wedding ring set may not be what they are looking for. Many people like the flashiness and style that seems to be present with many celebrities and their accessories. If this sounds like you, or your potential bride, you may want to go with the Brittany Spears Replica Engagement Ring.

This engagement ring is flawlessly designed to perfection and is the exact ring that Brittany Spears wore during her engagement. The ring features a double band with matching diamond chips encircling both bands. The bands are made from pure 925 Sterling silver, which will never go out of style. The center stone is a head turning 3 carat cubic zirconia that sparkles and shines in any style of lighting.

The total weight of this ring is right at 5 grams and comes with a gift box and carrying pouch. For those who may potentially purchase this ring, you should expect to pay approximately $30, which is one of the less expensive rings for such as large stone. This ring can be purchased online at one of the many websites that offer silver engagement rings for sale.

Custom Designs

If celebrity pizzazz is not the style that you are looking for, you may want to look into custom designed rings. One of the favorites of many people is the Tara’s Elegant Princess Cut, which is sure to please. This ring holds a stunning center piece diamond that has a total cubic zirconium weight of 3 carats and a total ring weight of 9.2 grams. The band splits into three sections where the stone meets the setting and carries diamonds around each split band.

An interesting focal point of this ring is the setting itself. The prongs that are used to hold the diamond onto the ring are made into a heart shaped base that gives even more added appeal to the ring. With so many details, one may expect to pay over one hundred dollars for this piece of jewelry.

However, with such technological innovations to produce almost replica diamonds, the price of this ring should not cost any more than $75. This ring will stop people in their tracks in order to get a glimpse of its beauty and elegance. Jewelry such as this may be found in department stores although one will find this ring at a better price at online stores such as Eve’s Addiction.

Multiple Stone Settings

Multiple stone settings are another popular choice for silver engagement rings, such as Audrina’s Sapphire and Diamond CZ Silver Ring Set. This set not only holds a diamond that is a dazzling 3.5 grams, but also includes actual sapphire stones that are inlayed into the band of the ring itself. The diamond cubic zirconia starkly contrasts the deep glow of the sapphire and is sure to please both the wearer and the many admirers as well. The ring’s total weight is 10.1 grams, which may lead one to believe that they will pay a large price for the piece of jewelry.

Amazingly, this ring should cost the purchaser no more than $75 at most. For such as small price, the ring delivers a big punch and will bring numerous compliments from both friends as well as co-workers alike. For those who demand elegance and style, this silver engagement ring may be the best choice. The band is made in pure certified 925 silver, which will keep its luster with very little maintenance. The special recipient of this ring will fall in love all over again when presented with this beautiful piece of jewelry.

Tiffany Inspired Rings

One of the most popular places online to search for silver engagement rings is the website under the name of Almost Diamonds. This website has one of the most sought after Tiffany inspired rings on the market. Their 2 Carat Princess Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring, one of the most contemporary designs in existence, features a large center stone that is set around two spiraling sterling silver bands.

The princess cut 2 carat diamond cubic zirconia comes in sizes that range from five to eight and features the famous princess cut that she will fall in love with when her eyes first see the sparkle. This ring can be found for the low price of about $35 dollars at Almost Diamonds, or can be purchased at similar stores although it may not contain the same features.

So Many Choices She Will Be Sure to Love

Purchasing a diamond for your significant other can be one of the hardest choices that you may experience. However, this task does not have to be a scary part of a relationship and can be an enjoyable experience for both people. A great way to find out what your mate’s particular taste may be is to get her involved in the search. Take them online and ask for an example of a style of ring they think would fit their particular taste and style. Even though you are making her a part of the process, you can still make the moment a surprise and just as special as if you did not include her in the decision.

Another great advantage of asking your potential fiancée to help you in the search is the simple fact that you will be able to give her something that she wants. Everyone has their own style and taste, and by giving her the option to help you choose, you may learn more about her in the process. Finding a ring for your mate will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Get started to today by logging on and finding rings to show her that you are thinking of your future together.

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