Unusual Wedding Rings

If you and your significant other are about to tie the knot, or about to get engaged, then you are no doubt scrambling to find a proper wedding ring. But, the problem is, do you really want to get a cliché ring such as a normal brass ring for your boyfriend or a 0.5 carat ring for your girlfriend? Truth be told, there are a lot more unusual options to choose from that will really surprise your fiance.

Gem Rings

There are many different types of gem rings available. Not only do they add color to an otherwise bland ring, they also add shine and gloss. Gem rings are usually for female rings only, although men can have small gems placed into their ring if they so please.Gem Stone Options

Most gem rings are available at jeweleries, but they are also abundant online on websites such as Amazon, Overstock and Ebay.

Below are the different types of gem rings and a little information about each:


Sapphire rings are by far the most common type of gem ring. They are fairly cheap, depending on the size and weight of the gem that you purchase. They run anywhere from as low as $30 up to over $300.


Emerald rings are the second most common type of gemstone that are available for your ring. If your fiance’s birthstone is emerald, it might be a nice touch to add a small emerald gem on the ring for an added touch. Emerald rings are slightly more expensive than sapphire, but only be about $50.


Rings that have a ruby inlay in them really stand out in a crowd. Ruby is the color of blood, and therefore it is very noticeable. Ruby also has a natural glowing quality, making it stand out even further. Since ruby is the color red, a popular idea is to have the jeweler inlay a ruby in the shape of a heart into the ring.


While diamond rings may not seem rare, in reality they actually are. The only reason they don’t seem to be rare is because you hear people talking about them all the time and you may seem them on reality TV shows, but how often do you actually see a full fledged diamond ring in real life?

Diamond rings are usually fairly expensive, depending on the weight of the diamond on the ring. A typical diamond ring can run from $5000 up to $20,000. Diamond rings are primarily the centerpiece of a female wedding ring, although males can have small diamonds set into their wedding band. Typically, men wear diamond watches and women wear diamond rings.

Diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world, so you won’t have to worry about it getting chipped or cracked. You will have to be careful of getting it dirty, as cleaning a diamond ring usually requires you to take it to a certified jeweler.

Finding a Diamond Ring

Diamond rings can usually be found in most jewelery stores, but online venues such as Amazon and Overstock usually have a good supply. If you are going to be purchasing a diamond ring, it is probably a good idea to bring the recipient along so they can try on the ring to see what size fits them. It is not an easy task to return a diamond ring and get a new size.


Gold rings are a fairly uncommon and unique ring, especially one that is made out of pure gold. Gold rings are primarily bought for men, as it looks much like a typical brass ring, but obviously is a lot more valuable. Women can also have gold set into their wedding ring for an added touch and shine.

When fitting for a gold ring, especially for men, it is important to take a few measurements a few hours apart and average them together. The reason for this is because as water goes into and out of the body, it can make the fingers swell in size, thus causing and inaccurate reading for the size.

Gold rings vary in price wildly depending on the weight of the ring. At the time of writing this article, gold was around $1200 an ounce in it’s raw form. Obviously, it is going to cost more if it is casted into a ring. A plain gold ring looks a little boring, so you have the option of inlaying it with either gems, diamonds or other such materials.

Almost all jewelry stores carry some form of gold rings. If you prefer to purchase used to save on some of the cost, consider buying from Ebay and even Amazon or Overstock. Just remember, never expect to pay less than the gold’s raw value ($1200/ounce).

Mokume Gane

If you’ve never heard of Mokume Gane rings before, don’t worry, most of us haven’t. Mokume Gane are rings that are native to Japan. The ring is a process of hand-forging metal into swirling patterns, adding a stone of your choice, and the metal of your choice. There is no mold with Mokume Gane rings as each one of them is crafted by hand.

Mokume Gane rings vary in price greatly. If you pick low grade metal and a low grade stone, the only basic thing you pay for is the labor to have the ring created. You could be expected to pay about $500 for a low grade Mokume ring. If you pick the highest quality materials available, and have your ring highly customized (which means more work to have it created), then you could be looking at upwards of $10,000 for your ring.

Mokume rings are made for both men and women, as you can have your ring highly customized. There is no set size for a Mokume ring like other rings you might be familiar with. Since the rings are not created from a mold, each one is hand crafted to your exact dimensions.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you have the perfect measurements to give to the jeweler. If they start work on the ring and find out the dimensions are off, they will be forced to charge you for an incomplete ring. Krikawa is a popular seller of mokume rings, however you may be able to get a better price or a more custom designed piece by going direct to an individual designer like Deborah Olague. She is a friend of mine who made our wedding bands & she also sells them to many other jewelry retailers who then add significant mark up for people who do not purchase direct from her.

Custom Rings

A custom ring a ring or band that is created from any of the previous materials, combined into one. There are a lot of topics to cover here, so a list will be best suited.


If you are having a gem placed onto the top of your ring, then it is entirely possible to have that gem be carved into a custom symbol. For an example, if you were doing ruby it would be appropriate to carve a heart out of it.


Perhaps you want your ugly looking brass wedding band to be painted a different color – most jewelers will do it for little to no money.


If you have overly large or small fingers, it may be appropriate to have your ring made a custom size to fit your finger size. Material – Perhaps you want to mix and match the materials that go into your ring. Maybe you want a gold base, but ruby inlay to add a nice touch. With a customized ring, you can have this happen.


Not every ring has to be perfectly round. If you wanted to be out of the ordinary, consider getting a square or triangle ring, or maybe even an oval one.

Customizing your ring can be a lot of fun, but it can get expensive quickly. Most jewelers will do custom rings, but at a steep price. Expect the ring to cost at least 2-3 times as much if you have it custom made.

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