Two Tone Engagement Rings

When it comes to picking an engagement ring, many things must be considered. What type of setting would be best? What type of gold? Yellow, rose, or white? Everything depends on the taste of the buyer and the person being proposed to.

Fortunately, for those who struggle with decision-making, two tone rings have become more popular and common. This is most likely because of the unique look and the option to choose both yellow and white gold instead of one or the other.

Price Range

Buying a two tone engagement ring does not mean higher cost. When compared to rings made of simply yellow or white gold, the cost is very similar. The difference for price, as with every ring, is the amount of gold and the number of diamonds. Some two tone rings are qualified as fashion rings. However, fashion rings can make unique, cherished engagement rings.two tone rings

In fact, fashion rings are much more likely to be found in the two tone style than engagement rings. Availability for two tone rings that are considered engagement rings can be limited, so a fashion ring may have to be chosen.

Prices can start as low as $300 and range up to the thousands, depending on the amount of stones in the ring. So after some research through Fred Meyer Jewelers, it is obvious that one will not have to pay more for a two tone ring than one that is either yellow or white gold.

Where Two Tone Engagement Rings Can Be Bought

Two tone engagement rings are a bit harder to find than rings that are solely yellow or white gold. However, it can be done. Zales has a rather large selection of two tone rings. Not all of the rings are considered engagement or wedding rings, but fashion rings. This term does not mean the ring cannot be used for an engagement. This simply means that it was not intended for that purpose.

Another retailer to consider is Kay Jewelers. Their selection of two tone rings is well worth mentioning and they have a decent price range for those on a budget. If you are looking for a smaller retailer, take a look at Fred Meyer Jewelers. Once again, the ring chosen may actually be considered a fashion ring. What does the name of it matter if it’s exactly what the bride-to-be is looking for? Two tone engagement rings are not impossible to find and make a unique choice for any couple.

Tips for Sizing

The most accurate way to size a ring is to know the size needed or buy the ring together as a couple. If this is not possible, an educated guess is the best bet! Before buying a ring, ask what it costs to get the ring re-sized if it doesn’t fit. Usually retailers offer a care plan for a small price that covers any work that may need to be done on the ring, including sizing.

How to Save Money

To save money, check out more than one store. Find out which stores are having sales and try to shop when they have them. After Christmas and during the summer are popular times for semi-annual sales.

Most importantly, do not pick a ring that is completely out of the price range. Keep in mind that an anniversary ring always makes a nice gift down the road if the engagement ring is not ideal! Even though the stores offer credit lines and financing options, there is often interest to pay or a large down payment required. Beware of gimmicks!

Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be a stressful thing. It is a financial commitment that cannot be taken lightly. However, doing some research and weighing different options are the best ways to make a smart decision.

How to Make Sure She Will Like It

To make sure she will like it, ask questions. Does she like the two tone look? Does she want a simple setting or a more extravagant look? Also consider her career and hobbies. If she has a job that requires a lot of hard work, a simple band with a channel setting is a better choice.

If she has a job that would not cause harm to her ring, a band with a raised setting would work well. The type of ring should also match her personality. If she is more reserved and practical, a simple two tone band with a solitaire would be a good fit. The most important thing is to consider her taste and the requests she has made, if any. More valuable than the ring is the effort and thought put into choosing it, as well as what the ring represents: unending love.

Why Choose Two Tone Engagement Rings

Two tone engagement rings are becoming more popular, for both women and men. They are available in a range of prices and styles to fit the needs of the couple. Two tone rings offer the chance to try something different. The options for two tone rings are endless and beautiful. There are choices of more white gold with a hint of yellow gold and vice versa. It is also easy to find two tone rings for men. This allows the wedding bands to compliment each other nicely. Whatever type of ring is chosen, the most important thing is the representation of a strong love that will last a lifetime.

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