Engraved Engagement Rings

The tradition of presenting a prospective bride with an engagement ring has been in existence for centuries. The Romans used rings made of iron to symbolize permanence and strength. The Greeks initiated the tradition of placing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand where the vena amoris or “vein of love” was thought to have resided.

The art of engraving rings first gained popularity during the 15th century. Posie rings are simple gold or silver bands engraved with a poem or sentiment on their outer or inner surfaces. Many of these classic rings are on display in museums in London and England.

Shakespeare often made mention of posie rings in his works, a testament to their popularity during this era. Engraving enhances the meaning and beauty of any piece of jewelry. It’s an element that adds true personalization to a once-in-a-lifetime jewelry purchase.

Choosing an Engagement Ring with Engraving

There are a dizzying amount of choices available when choosing an engagement ring for the girl of your dreams. For the true romantic, the tradition of finding the perfect ring without the input of your intended bride may be the option chosen. The surprise element will be a truly unforgettable part of the proposal. Consider enlisting the help of one your girlfriend’s gal pals to give you some inside information about the jewelry your girlfriend prefers. Information that will aid in the selection process includes:

  • ring size
  • gold or silver
  • simple or extravagant styling

There are numerous jewelers that will design a custom ring for an engagement occasion. The pricing may be a bit more for this option but any woman would appreciate a one-of-a-kind creation for this momentous occasion. Ask friends and family for referrals of top notch jewelry designers in your area.Engraved Options

Many couples opt to shop together for an engagement ring to ensure that the ring reflects the tastes of the soon-to-be-bride.

This can really cut down on the anxiety level for a guy who is unsure of how to select the perfect ring.

The use of engraving can add a bit of romanticism and surprise even when the girlfriend has been involved in the selection process of the engagement ring. The engagement ring will likely need to be sized to fit the prospective bride. Prior to picking up the ring, consider contacting the jeweler to request that a personalized inscription be added to the inside of the ring.

There are several online vendors that specialize in engraved rings. It’s always important to read online reviews and feedback when considering using an online vendor. Online businesses who are members of the American organization of the Better Business Bureau offer an added sense of security to consumers.

Costs of Engraving

The costs associated with engraving are fairly affordable. The technology used for modern day engraving have reduced costs significantly. Check with the jeweler from whom the engagement ring is purchased but don’t be afraid to check with other jewelers for quotes on the engraving.

Engraving Tips

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing this intimate option of personalization:

  • Ensure the accuracy of the engraving prior to the process and after the process to check correct spelling and formatting
  • Ask the jeweler for advice about the readability of fonts you are considering
  • Try to keep the sentiment short and simple for easier readability. Again, the jeweler should offer feedback about your request
  • Clean engravings regularly with a soft bristle brush to maintain visibility

Engraving Sentiments

Options for engraving are unlimited though it’s wise to keep in mind that an engagement ring has a limited area upon which to engrave. The couples’ initials or important dates such as the engagement date or first kiss are popular choices for engraving. Couples who share a strong faith may opt for a beloved psalm or verse. Following is a list of sentiments appropriate for engagement ring engraving:

  • amor meus (latin) – my love
  • amor vincit omnia (latin) – love conquers all
  • ego dilecto meo et dilectus meus (latin) – I am my Beloved and my Beloved is mine
  • semper amemus (latin) – our love is forever
  • past, present, future
  • my heart
  • my heart is yours forever
  • my one desire
  • never to part
  • love, faith, loyalty
  • love now and forever
  • two hearts one soul
  • forever and always


Despite the many choices of engagement rings, engraving is an option that lends an unparalleled sense of intimacy and personalization to the selected ring. An engraved sentiment can add an element of surprise even if the prospective bride is involved in the selection process. Engraved engagement rings are timeless and elegant.

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