Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement ring settings are carefully handcrafted by talented and skilled artisans. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind reminiscent of the way jewelry was made in an earlier era. The artisans are very detailed oriented and aims to created an intricate, yet delicate piece of jewelry for the client. Tacori engagement ring settings are engraved with the company’s name to indicate authenticity of the piece. The engagement ring settings are produced in platinum or gold. Platinum settings are generally requested. However, they tend to cost more than gold settings. Tacori engagement rings and settings were featured on the television show, Desperate Housewives. These rings became popular, and American consumers began to purchase and desire these engagement rings.

Tacori imagines today’s modern woman. The artisans design engagement ring settings that will be relevant with current fashion trends, while maintaining classic elements that make the unique piece timeless. For 25 years, Tacori has designed superior engagement ring settings that are coveted by stars and are often seen on the sets of movies, the red carpet, the Oscars, Emmys, and adorning the delicate fingers of numerous celebrities. Many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Menunous, Monica Cotto, and Brooke Shields possess Tacori fashions in their collections.

Price Range

Tacori engagement ring settings can be found for a variety of budgets and styles. Some of the least expensive Tacori engagement ring settings may be purchased for $1,500 or less. Most of these designs are not very ornate. They are simple, yet elegant and a complement to a Tacori diamond.

Examples of Tacori Engagement Ring Settings Under $1,500

The “Crescent Silhouette” is a classic Tacori design. This setting supports a one carat stone in the center and a .05 carat diamond inset in the shank of the band. Small baguettes may also be set in the sides of the stone for a traditional and elegant appeal.

Examples of Tacori Engagement Ring Settings Under $4,000

The Tacori “Interchangeable Collection” supports an emerald cut diamond. The setting is modern, yet classic. It possesses pave diamonds inset into an 18 karat white gold band. The setting is available for $1,840.

The “Dantela” is a modern, yet classic platinum and diamond ring mounting. The platinum setting supports a round center diamond and is surrounded by diamond enhancers. On each side lies a round diamond baguette. The band features several pave diamonds to add additional flair and effect. This particular setting is available in 18 karat white and yellow gold as well. This particular diamond setting is $3,800.

The “Contemporary Crescent” is a platinum and diamond Tacori engagement ring setting. This particular setting supports an emerald, princess, or cushion cut diamond as the center stone. On either side of the diamond are a series of pave diamonds. The ring is available in 18 karat white or yellow gold. The Tacori engagement ring setting costs $3,410.

Examples of Tacori Engagement Ring Settings Over $4,000

The “Dantela” is a platinum and diamond Tacori engagement ring setting. This is one of the more elaborate diamond ring settings. The setting supports a round center stone. The center stone is elevated. From the side profile, the viewer will see an array of pave diamonds on intricate interwoven platinum designs. The setting is available in 18 karat white or yellow gold. Consumers will pay $4,300 for this carefully handcrafted platinum diamond band.

The “Contemporary Crescent” is a platinum and diamond Tacori engagement ring setting. The setting supports a round brilliant diamond. The sides of the band possess two curved, intertwining pieces of platinum encrusted with pave diamonds. The round brilliant diamond is elevated about to increase the light shone through the diamond. This increases the diamond’s fire and brilliance when on display. Between the four prong setting lies more pave diamonds to accentuate the beauty of the center stone.

Places to Buy Tacori Engagement Ring Settings

Individuals seeking to purchase engagement ring settings should begin their search in major cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. New York possesses one of the most remarkable diamond districts. Therefore, while browsing for diamond engagement ring settings, the gentleman may also find many diamonds to accompany the settings. Many Tacori designs may be found in high quality jewelers in these cities.

Michael C. Fina – New York, NY


H.L. Gross and Bro – Garden City, NY


Soloman Brothers Fine Jewelry – Atlanta, GA


Golden Nugget Jewelers – Philadelphia, PA


Arthurs Jewelers – Roseville, MN


La Maison D Or – Ottawa, ON


Tips on Sizing

Because of the intricacies on Tacori engagement ring settings, some of these rings cannot be resized. Therefore, it is important to know your significant other’s engagement ring size in order to avoid purchasing a gorgeous setting that is too big or small for your fiancé. United States and Canadian customers may purchase ring settings between the sizes of 4 and 15. The US ring size scale also accommodates ¼ and ½ sizes.

One solution to this problem is to purchase a loose diamond for the proposal and shop together for the setting of her choice. Some may think this will spoil the moment. For those who value the element of surprise, try some more innovative tactics to determine her ring size.

1) Solicit the help of her best girl friend or trustworthy family member to determine her ring size. However, this person must be sworn to secrecy.

2) Visit a jeweler with her to look for a watch. While you are there, try on rings for fun and have the jeweler size her finger.

3) Find a ring that she currently wears and trace the inside of the ring to give to the jeweler. This will give the jeweler an idea of her ring size.

4) Wrap a piece of string around her finger while she sleeps. Mark where the two ends meet. This will give you an idea of her ring size. Just be sure not to wake her up.

5) Measure the relative smallness of her hands to yours. Then give the jeweler your best approximation.

To obtain the proper ring size, be certain to obtain the ring finger measurement when it is at its largest size. Finger sizes vary according to temperature, humidity, time of day, and time of month. Take the measurement when the fingers are at room temperature and near the end of the day. Do not measure the finger after showering, after vigorous exercise, after being outdoors in the winter, or during the woman’s menstrual cycle. Women’s fingers may swell during her menstrual cycle due to water retention. Measure the ring in millimeters. If there is a choice between two sizes, opt for the larger size.

How to Save Money

Individuals seeking to purchase a Tacori engagement ring setting may save money in a variety of ways. Compare prices at several jewelers for the setting desired. Some jewelers may offer fewer markups than others. Shop around at online websites, such as eBay or others to find bands that were pre-owned. However, certify the Tacori authenticity prior to purchasing the setting. This is not an ideal forum to purchase a setting. However, it may save money.

Additionally, gentlemen should consider the metal of the engagement ring setting being purchased. Platinum is typically the most expensive and most desired metal. If you are trying to save money, consider purchasing 18 karat white gold engagement ring setting instead. Consumers may reset the diamond in platinum for a wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary or other momentous occasion. Yellow gold is also a less expensive alternative to platinum that may save the gentleman some money.

Embellishments, such as pave stones are elegant. However, if the majority of your budget is spent on a quality diamond, the diamond may speak for itself without the embellished setting. Purchase an understated band, in lieu of the embellishments, to save money. Later, the band may be upgraded to include the embellishments that are desired by your fiancé. The most impressive part of the diamond is the center stone. The setting adds elegance and style. However, the setting may be upgraded for a minimal cost later.

How to Ensure your Sweetheart will Like The Tacori Engagement Setting

Tacori attempts to make the engagement ring setting selection process as painless as possible. The Tacori website offers gentlemen an engagement ring selection tool. The tool helps the consumer select a ring based upon the girlfriend’s lifestyle and preferences. The tool asks the consumer about the girlfriend’s ideal date location preference, musical preference, shoe preferences and celebrities the girlfriend most admires or is like.

The setting chosen will potentially be a memorable part of your lives for years to come. Therefore, it is important to select a setting that will be timeless, memorable and complements the beautiful stone selected for your fiancé. Tacori possesses elegant, timeless handcrafted pieces for the potential fiancés. Present the diamond within the Tacori engagement ring setting in a way that will display the beauty and grandeur of the design. Your fiancé will appreciate the attention to detail and the stunning display of artistry when the box is opened.

A romantic setting with low lighting, soothing music, and candles will set the mood for the perfect proposal. Presentation in low lighting is not as spectacular. However, many low lighting settings may be arranged to create an ideal environment to display the detail of the Tacori engagement ring settings. Be certain to have the setting professionally cleaned often in order to properly demonstrate the artistry of a Tacori engagement ring setting. Your sweetheart will enjoy the thoughtfulness put into the process of purchasing a Tacori engagement ring setting.

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