Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles For The Perfect Choice

Becoming engaged is unequivocally one of the most significant events for a couple to commemorate. Amidst the excitement and whirlwind of making arrangements and informing family and friends, comes the most important decision to make: selecting from a plethora of engagement ring styles for the bride-to-be. Choosing a style of engagement ring for this monumental occasion does not have to be a nerve-wracking or confusing riddle.

Decisions For The Most Exquisite Taste

For every unique personality, there is an equally distinctive engagement ring to be found. The real quandary is narrowing down the choices from a myriad of available rings to select from. First and foremost, the consumer needs to access what the woman’s personal preferences are, and more importantly, what the budget for spending on the ring allows.Cubic Zirconia Rings

Assuming the above factors have been determined, the next step is making the crucial decision of where to purchase the engagement ring from. Perhaps the selection will ultimately be chosen from a retail store, or online jewelry supplier, or personal sale advertiser. Regardless of where the final transaction is made, shopping around for the best deal and to ensure a quality purchase, is essential for the consumer.

There will be a wide assortment of engagement ring styles to select from, so knowing what each style has to offer can help. Starting with traditional style engagement rings, consider that is is comprised of two distinct parts. Most typically, there will be a diamond. Secondly, the ring will need to have a setting.

Deciding Upon The Setting

Choosing the setting for the engagement ring will typically reflect the wearer’s style and preference. If the engagement is meant to be a surprise, the challenge will be faced by determining what type of setting the bride-to-be will prefer. Choosing from the metal first is typically a good starting point. Most commonly is yellow gold, although platinum and white gold are equally as attractive, as is the less common choice of rose gold.

The choice of whether the ring will have four or six prongs could be the next decision to make. Maybe the choice will be a classic solitaire style, making it timeless, elegant, yet tastefully simple in essence. Perhaps a vintage style engagement ring, with pave set diamonds surrounding a center stone would be the ultimate choice. Color is important as well. Perhaps she’d love a precious gemstone such as a small sapphire, emerald or ruby accent on either side.

Diamonds come in a wide array of shapes and cuts, and each has its own distinctive appeal. Most classic is the round or brilliant cut stone.This cut is reflective and typically allows light to shine through the faceting. This will allow for a brilliant shine and sparkle. The round shape is probably the most chosen and popular cut for a diamond.

Princess Cut

Princess cut is a square shape. The unique appeal of this cut, which also allows for a brilliant clarity, makes this another popular choice for engagement ring styles. In Princess styles, the corners are typically pointed. If the wearer prefers the shape to be more rectangular than square, this is not a problem, as the Princess cut can vary in shape.

Emerald Cut

An emerald cut has rectangular facets. The diamond’s clarity and sparkle will generally be highly focused upon in an emerald cut style. This cut is less commonly referred to as a table cut or step cut. Because of its reflective qualities, it is a good choice for colored gemstones which some people choose for their engagement rings.

Marquis Shape

A marquis shape stone is very popular for engagement rings as well. Many women adore this flattering cut, as it seems to make the fingers appear to look more slender and elongated. In choosing the engagement ring style, many will opt for a setting of smaller stones on either side. An oval stone has nearly the same slenderizing effect as the marquis, with less faceting.

Pear and Heart Shaped Cuts

Pear shaped is another popular choice, with brilliant cut radiance. Because of the rounded shape that tapers to a point, it is also called the teardrop shape. A cut that is strikingly similar with obvious differences is the heart-shaped cut. This cut symbolizes love, making it an obvious perfect choice for the engagement ring.

The End Result

All things considered, getting the best deals will require some research. Check advertisements for sales and stores for clearance or liquidation sales. Another consideration will be sizing. If the perfect ring at the best price around is finally found, although the size is not appropriate,m this is a very minor consideration. Ring sizing can be accomplished by a qualified jeweler in very little time, and for a nominal fee.

In conclusion, regardless of the engagement ring styles to be considered, choosing the perfect one will require forethought and consideration. The consumer should never make a purchase in a hasty way. Being impetuous is not likely to prove to one’s advantage when making a meaningful purchase such an an engagement ring. After all, this is one piece of jewelry that will most likely last a lifetime.

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