Butterfly Engagement Ring

Butterflies have been used as symbols throughout history in cultures all over the world. However, the use of butterflies in engagement rings is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken over the wedding industry.

Understanding the butterfly as a romantic symbol takes a bit of philosophical thought, but once enlightened, the already present beauty of the creature is further enhanced. Butterflies usually provide symbols of life or rebirth.Butterfly Rings and Marriage

They experience a transformation from a naïve, innocent caterpillar into a creature of majestic elegance.

The butterfly sheds its former self to embark on a lifelong journey as a different being.

Butterflies & Marriage

This idea of a transformation blends wonderfully with idea of marriage. Before marriage, the two people are their own separate individuals. The commitment of marriage brings these two beings together to mold them into a single entity in heart and soul.

The symbol of a butterfly allows the transformation that takes place between the husband and wife even provides them with wings to fly with grace into an unexpected future together.

Finally, a butterfly’s transformation is permanent; once a caterpillar morphs, it never goes back. This is the mentality of couples who choose butterfly engagement rings. Marriage is a permanent, beautiful, fulfilling adventure.

Design Styles & Culture

Of course, many women wearing butterfly engagement rings add their own spin to its meaning. Ancient Chinese culture puts less emphasis on the butterfly as a symbol of growth and rebirth; they view the butterfly as an omen of good luck. Tradition tells tales of the good luck butterflies bring to those that they land on. A woman who adorns her wedding finger with a butterfly is bound to be blessed in her marriage.

We cannot forget the old saying of “butterflies in the stomach.” This phrase often conjures up images of nervousness, stress, and anxiety. But what is more nerve-wracking than getting married? By transforming a normally unpleasant feeling into a visual manifestation of beauty, the idea of marriage becomes far less scary.

The bride to be can gaze upon her butterfly engagement ring with confidence that those “butterflies in her stomach” are because of the beautiful marriage that accompanies her ring.


Regardless of the reason a couple may opt for a butterfly engagement ring, the symbol it will eternally hold is that of their relationship and love. They may purchase it for the transformation allegory, luck, or comfort, but it will eventually again morph into a symbol that exists only between the husband and wife.

Pricing of Butterfly Engagement Rings

Another thing of beauty regarding butterfly engagement rings is the fact that they accommodate every price range. They can be found for as low as $40 if you opt for a small and simple cubic zirconia ring. However, more extravagant diamond butterfly engagement rings can be purchased for thousands of dollars if that is what you are looking to spend. As with any piece of jewelry, the quality determines the price.

There are several guidelines that you can follow when deciding on a butterfly engagement ring regarding the price. Silver is generally the cheapest metal in which jewelry is available. The price will go up with gold and even higher with if you decide to go with a metal like platinum. Also, the price will adjust with the gemstone that you choose.

While it can be somewhat frustrating to find a butterfly ring that suits all your desires, it is beneficial that there are so many varieties. The butterfly engagement ring can be as unique as the woman wearing it.

Styles & Pricing

The wide price range is also based on the style of the ring. If the design is focused on the metallic beauty of the ring as opposed to the gemstone or diamond, the price is generally lower. If many stones or a few large stones create the butterfly, the ring tends to be more on the expensive side.

A happy medium will incorporate a both gemstones and a patterned band at a modest price. However, the true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Because these butterfly engagement rings are still relatively rare, it is hard to know if you are getting a good deal on it. The best approach to this problem is to compare the stone weight and quality to other pieces of jewelry with similar stats. Expect to pay slightly more because of the value of its uniqueness, but not significantly more.

Catching a Butterfly Engagement Ring

Unfortunately, butterfly engagement rings are sometimes as hard to catch as real butterflies. While they are increasing in popularity, they are still far from a traditional engagement ring. Instead of restricting your shopping to the engagement ring case, spread your wings and explore other options to obtain the perfect butterfly engagement ring.Making a Butterfly Ring

Alternative designers often offer butterfly style rings because of the fact that they have to differentiate themselves from the national chain jewelry stores.

Specialty stores that have their own unique designers will be less likely to cater to the masses that want a traditional engagement ring.

They may even off the option of having their local designer creating a butterfly engagement ring that is designed and produced specifically for you.

If shopping at a chain store is your only option, you still might not be out of luck. You just need to think outside the box. Actually, you just need to think outside the engagement ring box. Butterfly rings are beautiful, and many stores will carry them. They just might not label them as engagement rings. They are often called “right hand rings” or “fashion rings.”

Shop for the Best Option

While shopping for engagement rings inside the walls of a store seems natural, when it comes to butterfly styles, it is often beneficial to browse the unlimited options at online stores as well.

Countless selections will be at your fingertips. The only downfall is that you can physically examine the ring. If you decide to go with the online route, make sure that the e-store has a lenient return policy as the product will likely look different in person. Also, be prepared to have the ring sized for a small fee by a local jeweler.

Butterfly Engagement Ring Styles

Over 25,000 kinds of butterflies have been discovered. So it is no wonder that butterfly engagement rings are just as plentiful. While the possibilities of ring styles extend as far as the designer’s imagination, there are several varieties that are extremely popular.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but really, anything sparkly will suffice. This is why the majority of butterfly engagement rings are centered on the shimmer and shine of a gemstone. Often times the body and wings of the butterfly are created from a couple large stones or inlayed with numerous small ones.

They can be dual toned or a single diamond depending on taste. Butterfly engagement rings gain part of the popularity because of this versatility. Any stone can be used in any shape. Whether you prefer emerald cut, princess cut, or even heart shaped stones, it can be incorporated into the butterfly.

Selecting the Right Option

Not all women want to display a shimmering and shining rock on their wedding finger, but they still want the symbolism of the creature. Therefore, butterfly engagement rings can be fashioned without using any stones whatsoever.

Just as any stone can create a butterfly, any metal can sculpt one. However, be careful when choosing the metal for an engagement ring that will be worn for a lifetime.

Gold as an Option

While gold is often desired, the higher carat of gold, the more likely that it will be worn down and scratched. Opt for 14 carat gold, or another type of metal. A wide band can have a butterfly engraved or use another colored metal, such as rose gold, to depict the beauty.

For a more elegant, gem-less butterfly engagement ring, a filigree design does more than illustrate a butterfly; it flows and glides the way the creature would as though it were a miniature version whose home is your hand.

Different Design Styles

Other butterfly engagement rings do not stop with a single creature. They may have two butterflies to represent the husband and wife of the marriage. They may even have three to mimic the “trinity” rings that have been popular for centuries. Each one represents a different phase of the married couple’s life together: past, present, and future.

It is clear to see that there are numerous ways to incorporate the beauty of a butterfly into an elegant and unique engagement ring. However, as unique as the ring is, it should not be so extravagant that the bride feels uncomfortable wearing or, or that it does not mesh with her personality and style.

Buy the Right Ring For You & Your Partner

While a beautiful butterfly engagement ring may look perfect under the lights of a jewelry case, what truly matters is how it feels on her hand.

Butterfly engagement rings may not be the most traditional design, but they are rapidly gaining popularity. Do not opt for this style because of the potential fad. Instead, choose a butterfly engagement ring for the romantic symbolism and the lifelong love that is manifested into a physical thing of beauty.

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