Modern Engagement Rings

Many women dream about owning a modern engagement ring for its contemporary, chic, and bold style. Modern engagement rings can be as intricate or simple as a person wishes. As a truly sophisticated piece of art, a modern engagement ring is a keepsake your wife will treasure for the rest of her life. To her, it may be her most prized possession for years to come.

When purchasing a modern engagement ring, there are many considerations to keep in mind. A person will need to consider the price range for purchasing the engagement ring, as well as how a modern design compares to simpler designs in price. A person may also wish to research where a modern engagement ring can be bought, before embarking on the actual journey of purchasing the ring.

Other considerations are sizing and of course, ensuring that your wife will love the ring for the rest of her life. It is worthwhile to invest time into thinking about purchasing a modern engagement ring, before one goes out and actually purchases one.

Price Range for Modern Engagement Rings

The price range for modern engagement rings is typically anywhere between $2,500 to $5,500. Incredible modern engagement rings can be priced anywhere as high as $20,000 dollars or $30,000 dollars. Modern engagement rings usually have a higher price range than normal, due to the fact that they contain more diamonds than average. In addition, the diamonds will typically weigh more and have a clearer cut. Usually, there is some sort of intricate design within a modern engagement ring that also makes it so aesthetically valuable.

One gorgeous modern design is the crossover micropave design. This design features baguette side stones also with a diamond undergallery. To put it simply, the diamond looks like a mini architectural masterpiece from ancient Rome or ancient Greece.

With all of its details and curves, this ring is for the woman with high expectations of what a modern engagement ring should be. This design looks absolutely stunning and like it is fit for royalty. The dramatic design features a diamond that is raised above the ring, which also makes for an expensive look.
Modern Engagement Ring
Another gorgeous modern design is the undergallery with a graduated micropave diamond shank.

This simply means the diamonds are raised a bit higher than normal from the base of the ring.

This is an elaborate type of ring that women treasure and love.

The pear shaped side stones also create an elegant look that is pure luxury. This ring is for the woman with grand notions for her modern engagement ring.

One of the most gorgeous and most expensive engagement ring designs features cross-hatched diamonds throughout the design. This ring is completely covered in diamonds and is truly for the woman with expensive taste. When created with platinum, this ring looks absolutely gorgeous. It is the type of ring that is eye-catching and never goes out of style, even though it has such a modern and contemporary design to it.

Where Can Consumers Buy Modern Engagement Rings?

Typically, a consumer will need to consult with a specific ring designer for the best modern designs. Usually women like a certain modern engagement ring, because it was created by a specific designer. Some of the best designers are Tiffany’s, Ritani, and Harry Winston. These jewelers are renowned for offering women what they want, when it comes to engagement rings. However, the more upscale a designer is, the higher price one will pay for a modern engagement ring.

The definition of a “modern engagement ring” is actually very wide. It can be interpreted in many ways by women, and because of that, one may be able to find a great modern engagement ring at a typical jeweler. It simply depends on the type of stone a woman wants and truly, how many stones a woman wants in her ring.

Another idea is for a person to simply buy the diamond for a ring and then place it into a setting. Sometimes this an be a very affordable option for men on a tight budget. In addition, some women prefer a modern ring that features only a small, simple diamond as opposed to many diamonds placed throughout the ring. With one simple diamond, a man can create a modern engagement ring that is still timeless.

Tips for Sizing

It is very important for a man to get the proper size of a woman’s finger before purchasing a modern engagement ring. This can be done in a variety of ways.

One way to do a sizing is by taking one’s future wife to the jeweler to have the finger measured. Be sure this is during a time when your future wife is not stressed out, because her finger size can change depending on factors like her menstrual cycle. It is important to take your future wife out to the jeweler while she is at ease and enjoying the experience. A jeweler will usually use a ring sizing tool to gain a precise measurement of your future wife’s finger.

Another more discreet tip for sizing a woman’s finger is to measure its circumference. This can be done by placing a thin strip of paper or a piece of string around your fiancee’s finger. Some men even choose to do this while their future wives are sleeping, so they never suspect the measurement is for an engagement ring. A jeweler will then be able to take this measurement and convert it to the appropriate ring size. Just be sure you are not being rushed into taking the measurement, or else it may be inaccurate.

How to Get the Best Deal

First, it is important to purchase a diamond or a diamond ring from a reputable dealer. Be sure that the dealer is certified and receives the recommendations of other customers. You may even want to ask any of your colleagues at work for recommendations regarding diamond dealers. It is way too easy to fall into a scam and end up buying a diamond that is of very poor quality and not worth what you paid for it. So, the first step in getting a great deal for your ring is to first be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company or diamond dealer.

Also, be sure to understand the listed price of the stone at Rapaport Diamond Report. This price list is used by diamond dealers and companies from around the world. From this list, you can gain a good idea of whether or not you are being scammed in the process of buying your future wife her dream modern engagement ring.

Ensure She Will Love It

So, how do you ensure your future wife will love her modern engagement ring? First off, chances are if she mentioned that she wants a modern engagement ring then she has a very specific style in mind.

If she has not already told you what she wants, then ask around. Ask her mother or friends, who will likely have a very good idea of the specific ring your future wife would love. Your future wife has probably already told her mother and friends exactly what she wants when it comes to the engagement ring. No matter how awkward it is, it is always worth approaching a future wife’s mother and friends for engagement ring advice.

Second, pay attention to the type of jewelry your fiancee wears. Does she wear mostly gold or does she tend to wear silver? This can be a great reflection of what she would love when it comes to an engagement ring.

Also, does she tend to wear more elaborate jewelry or simple designs? If she likes elaborate jewelry, then she would probably love a ring with more diamonds and an intricate design. If she likes simple jewelry, then she probably would like a ring with only one diamond or a couple diamonds.

Taking Care of the Rings

Another idea is to pay attention to how a woman treats her jewelry. Does she work within a career (such as an artist) where the ring could be easily damaged? If so, then you may want to consider purchasing her a ring with a contour or cathedral setting which will ensure the diamond itself is never damaged in any way.

Lastly, do not be afraid to approach your fiancee and ask her exactly what she wants. Chances are, you have already discussed the possibility of marriage so it will not be a total surprise to her. In fact, it is often a very respectable thing for a man to consult with a woman prior to purchasing an engagement ring. Simply let her know how much you respect her input on such a big decision, rather than making it look like you are too lazy to pick out a ring you think she will love.

Choosing the Perfect Ring

Choosing a ring for your loved one is one of the most important choices you will ever make. Because you are investing so much money into an engagement ring, it pays to make sure you have done your research every step of the way. Be sure that you are dealing with reputable diamond dealers that are offering you the best deal possible. Get input from every person you can regarding the purchase of the diamond ring.

Also, pay attention to your future wife’s taste in jewelry so that you are able to pick out a modern engagement ring she will love. If you do all of these things, then you are setting the tone for a marriage that will be enduring, respectful, and long lasting.

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