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The time has finally arrived where you and your partner have decided to take the next step in your relationship and love endeavor and begin a new life as husband and wife. Before all the wedding planning, and “I Do’s” it is important to find the ultimate engagement ring, complete with the perfect diamond, for that special person in your life.

Everything must be perfect as you ask for their hand to accompany you through lives destinations. There is virtually an engagement ring diamond of every shape, and every style imaginable; from a small, single diamond engagement rings, to rings embedded by diamonds by the dozen.

Metals range from yellow, gold, white-gold and platinum. The number of possibilities for the special someone are limitless; and after all this ring will be worn for the remainder of your partner’s life, but above all- its important to remember the four “C’s” while shopping for the perfect ring and/or diamond for your better half; cut, color, clarity and carat.

Finding the Right Engagement Ring

The cut defines the proportion of the diamond as opposed to the shape. The best color to a diamond is no color at all, as light can pass through it easier, giving off a vibrant shine and shimmer which is sure to attract others. Clarity of a diamond is determined by the imperfections, flaws, the diamond itself contains under a ten times magnification. Finally, the carat is dependent on the size of the diamond, as the weight of a diamond is measured in carats.Designer Rings

As over whelming as it all may seem, the best way to be sure that the ultimate diamond is achieved for your soon-to-be spouse is to go with a designer brand engagement ring.

The number of designers for engagement rings can be almost as overwhelming as purchasing the ring to begin with, and range with top designer names from A. Jaffe to Vera Wang.

Each with their own designer specialties, abilities, and warranties, that set them apart from the rest. Included in a top list of engagement ring designers (in no particular order) are: Mark Schnieder Design, Verriago, Precious Glow and of course the previously mentioned A. Jaffe collection. Let’s dive in and see what it is about these designers that set them apart from hundreds of other designer engagement ring specialists.

Mark Schneider Design

Mark Schneider is eloquent in his contemporary designs which is a top reason his bridal jewelry designs are set apart from others, and furthermore, he has be awarded several prestigious awards for his third-generation design abilities. His motto is simple; “create designs as wearable art”. Clients recognize the value of his jewelry, and sincerely appreciate the collectability of his work.

All rings offered by Mark Schneider are available in platinum and gold and range in price from $2,280 to $7,010. How can you insure that by opting to go with a Mark Schneider Design, that you are picking the perfect engagement ring? The answer to this is simple. Read the testimonials found on his website, not only are they delightful and tug at your heart-strings, they also reiterate that he is a profound designer with a passion and ability that sets a true standard amongst other top designers.

Using Their Website

There is an option available on his website that allows you to look for jewelers in your local area. Meeting with a jeweler is a fantastic way to find the best deal possible, and allowing to see what is available in a store setting you can be sure that the ring is a perfect fit for your mate.

Be sure as you show her all the options of this spectacular collection, you look for the glisten in her eye, as this will tell the true story of her love and desire for her perfect engagement ring. For more information, check out the Mark Schneider Design website at


“A beautiful mounting should only enhance the beauty of a diamond in the same way a beautiful dress makes a woman even more beautiful”. That is the philosophy behind Barry Verriago’s engagement rings and wedding bands. Barry Verriago has been a quality craftsman in bridal jewelry for over twenty years, his philosophy is simple and is reflected in every piece of jewelry he creates.

Barry Verragio founded and created an exclusive style to engagement rings referred to as the ‘Lumino Setting’. This setting suspends the stone, making it vulnerable to all facets of light; making the Lumino Setting, luminous. The Lumino Setting is used in ninety-five percent of Verragios designs, making it as genuinely unique as the woman wearing it. To Verragio, an engagement is a momentous occasion in both partners life, and when you decide to propose with a Verragio designed engagement ring; Barry Verragio will forever be a part of that once-in-a-lifetime occasion and memory.

Numerous Collections

Verragio has a number of collections, including the Venetian, Couture, Insignia, Paradiso, and Classico Collection. Barry Verragio’s collections range in prince from $1,500 to $7,000. These prices run withing the same range as the previously mentioned Mark Schenider Collection, yet it’s important to remember that the Lumino setting used in most Verragio designs sets him apart from other designers.

Most bands are made using Palladium, 18K Gold, and Platinum. Barry Verragio’s collection is only sold through authorized retailers which can be found by searching his website ( Using authorized retailers enforce the belief that every customer is sure to be pleased. Verragio’s elegant styles will allow you to discover the perfect ring to showcase your diamond and your love for an entire lifetime.

Precious Glow

If you are in the market, and looking for a great deal, precious glow is definitely the place the go. ½ carat, solitaire diamond rings start at a very low $445.00. Additionally, the added benefit of Precious Glow is the ability to design your very own custom ring for your soon-to-be spouse, allowing her to have a very unique ring on her finger and setting apart from every other bride-to-be. Precious Glow also has ten different cuts of diamonds to choose from to absolutely make her ring particular to her needs.

Precious Glow carries trendy and traditional designed engagement rings that are commonly sought-after and please women of all different tastes and different lifestyles. While the “design your own” ring is an added benefit to the Precious Glow website, collections are also available at an enormous discounted price. In one example, in the settings with matching bands, a 14K white gold engagement ring set is suggested at a retail price of $8,416.00, but sells on Precious Glow for an astounding $3,825.00. That’s a savings of almost $5,000!

The feedback given at is all positive, they appear to deliver on a timely manner. The only downside to this company is that they are strictly on-line and not sold in stores, thus, you may accidentally purchase the wrong size, but given the beauty of all of their diamonds, and jaw-dropping deals, an accidental wrong size is an easy fix and can be corrected in just a matter of days!

A. Jaffe

A. Jaffe is an engagement ring designer that was has been in the fine jewelry market since 1892, and is one of the only 19th century designers, still active in New York, City. Designers from A. Jaffe pay meticulous attention to detail, combining a modern design with profound elegance.

Throughout their history their rings concentrate on perfect quality and innovation that almost seemingly effortlessly celebrate a never ending love. A. Jaffe offers the standard solitaire collection, three-stone rings, a signature collection and a classic collection for his engagement rings. An additional feature that has not been included with the previously mentioned designers is that an individual can purchase an additional anniversary band to match that of the engagement ring to be given on any particular anniversary.


Prices for the collections start at $1,030.00 and range all the way to an astonishing $12,915.00. While the later is quite an exceeded amount as opposed to the previous designers, the diamonds at the more expensive end are immaculate, and breath-taking! As mentioned within the previous designers, A. Jaffe is only retailed at particular stores and can be found by searching with your local zip code on his website (

Is A. Jaffe the right specialized engagement ring designer for you? Each designed piece undergoes strict quality control inspections and is additionally warranted against any imperfections during the manufacture process. His diamond quality does not only meet the four “C’s” that were previously mentioned, but exceeds them. Furthermore, his fine jewelry is additionally warranted against any damage associated with normal wear, and in the event that any A. Jaffe ring does not meet their specific warranties, they will either repair, replace with a ring of the same or similar style or refund the purchase price.


The above mentioned designer’s have one thing in common; their diamonds are vibrant, beautiful, and eye pleasing and all adhere to their own standards of excellence. With whomever designer you choose, the results will be above appealing. All you have to do is look on your future fiancé’s face as you pop the question and you will be provided with the insurance that you went with the right designer.

Additionally, each designer that was mentioned: Mark Schneider, Verriago, Precious Glow, and A. Jaffe all have a men’s collection, ranging in all different styles. Your needs are bound to be met by venturing with any of these fabulous designers. Congratulations as you take this next step in your life, and embark on one of life’s greatest journeys, and creating your very own love story.

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