Palladium Wedding Rings

Palladium wedding bands and rings offer many of the same features as platinum, but at prices that are more affordable. Because of this, it is becoming a more popular choice for both men’s wedding bands and women’s engagement and wedding rings.


Palladium wedding bands & rings look very similar to platinum with their silver white color. This color is pure and does not require any rhodium plating or dipping to achieve its brightness. For anyone looking for this silver white color, palladium is a better option than white gold, which is often off-white in appearance and requires plating. A palladium band will complement a diamond or other precious stones.

Just like platinum, it may lose its shine over time. When this happens, it should be taken to a professional jeweler for a polishing.

This doesn’t need to be done often and is quite affordable, especially when compared to the rhodium replating that white gold needs to keep its luster.


There are several properties of palladium that make it a popular choice. One is that, because it doesn’t react to oxygen, it will never tarnish like gold and silver does. It is also 95% pure.

Because of this, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for people who have sensitive skin or allergies. White gold is not an option for people who want hypoallergenic rings, because it is made by mixing yellow gold with nickel or zinc to get the white color. Palladium and platinum are better options for people with sensitive skin.

Another property of palladium is that it is easy to design. It is strong so it can have more intricate designs and filigrees than gold. With its low melting point, it is easier to design and work on than platinum. It is perhaps the best metal choice if you want your wedding bands to have a unique design.

Palladium wedding rings and bands wear very well. In weight, they are similar to 14-karat gold so they are comfortable and not heavy. It is durable and will outwear white gold.


Palladium wedding bands and rings have a moderate price that typically falls between gold and platinum. This could change in the future, especially as palladium becomes a more popular choice amongst engaged couples. Palladium is more rare than gold, so its price might rise in the future if there is a great demand for it.

Of course, there is a large variance in the price of the rings. A simple and plain band made out of palladium tends to be quite affordable. Adding an intricate design or precious stones to a setting will raise the price.

Where to Buy

Most large jewelry retailers will have a small selection of palladium wedding bands and rings to choose from, for both men and women. Many jewelers, however, will try to upsell the customers looking for a palladium ring and push the much more expensive platinum on them.

Avoid these places if they cannot or will not share their information on palladium. If a couple wants to choose from a larger variety, they should look online. There they can find stores that have a large selection and will be able to find something that fits with their personalities.

Popular Brands

Not all of the most popular designer brands carry palladium at this time. When looking for a brand, you’ll have the best luck if you go with companies that specialize in white metals such as platinum and palladium. One brand that produces several pieces in palladium is Diana.

Art Carved also offers wedding bands in Palladium. Scott Kay is one of the industry leaders when it comes to offering palladium wedding bands. While these three designer brands are some of the most popular, many smaller companies also make palladium wedding bands and rings.

Sizing Options

Like wedding bands made from other metals, you can get palladium rings in whole and half sizes. If you are working with a jeweler who is unfamiliar with palladium, sizing can be difficult.

Try to find someone who is familiar with it to help you with the fitting. If you are ordering online, be sure to read all of their sizing information and check what their return policy is before you order. Resizing simple palladium bands is simple, but can be complicated if there are stones set in them or if you require a large size adjustment.

The Best Deals

People who shop for palladium wedding bands and rings are often budget conscious. It isn’t a matter of spending least amount of money, but of getting the best ring for the price you are able to pay.

To get the best ring for your money, you should consider if you want to go with a designer brand or not. You have to pay more for the name, but they do tend to have better resale value. Local jewelers usually cost more than online retailers, but if you know one you can trust it can be worth the expense. No matter what route you choose, the best deals on palladium wedding bands and rings can be found with a company who is familiar with this metal.

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