Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands and Rings

Most wedding bands and rings are traditionally made from platinum or gold and may contain accents of delicate diamonds or gemstones. A wedding band is usually designed to match an engagement ring without overpowering it. However, today’s couples aren’t necessarily following tradition and are wearing rings that are quite plain to elaborately adorned in diamonds and gemstones bigger bands for both men and women.

Whatever your preference, wedding bands and rings are a symbol of unrequited love. They are available in a variety of styles, materials and colors and come in designs and sizes to please both men and women. As a matter of fact, there are so many wedding band and ring options, it can be an overwhelming task to chose the perfect rings for the bride and groom.

Where To Begin?

The first consideration for any bride and groom to be is a budget. How much money can you justifiably spend on a wedding band or ring? There are an array of metals ranging from high to lower end to choose from.Rings and Bands

The metal you select will not only determine the way it appears but also how durable it will be.

If you work in a manual labor position, particularly men, you may want to look at harder wearing metals.

Platinum Wedding Bands and Rings

Platinum is a very expensive metal that is a very popular and fashionable choice in metal bands. Platinum is quite heavy, 95% pure and extremely hard wearing.

Palladium Wedding Bands and Rings

Palladium looks similar to Platinum, but is a lot less expensive. It too is hard wearing and holds a high ‘whiteness’ appearance. It’s the perfect choice if you prefer the platinum look but don’t have the money to purchase true platinum. Since Palladium is white gold, it wears better than Yellow Gold, and is en vogue because white metal is a current popular wedding band and ring option.

Silver Wedding Rings and Bands

You don’t often see a silver wedding band or ring because of its tendency to tarnish. Instead, most couples who prefer silver, opt for white gold, platinum or palladium wedding bands and rings. Silver is not as resilient as these metals either. It is possible to buy silver wedding rings and bands, but make sure to look for rings that state they are ‘tarnish free’.

Gold Wedding Ring

The measure of gold content is the carat. In most cases, 24 carat gold is quite pure and not suitable for a wedding band because it isn’t durable. To make a gold ring more durable, it is usually mixed with other metals to create an alloy of 10, 14, 18 or 22 carat gold. The metals used to mix with the gold metal will effect the physical properties and lend a sand color to the band or ring.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings and Bands

Known as the original gold, and often considered the best, yellow gold is an alloy that includes copper, zinc and silver, which strengthens the metal and creates the yellow sheen in the metal. Traditionalists prefer yellow gold because of the way it meshes with other precious stones and metals, creating a unique and attractive pattern, as well as a two toned color if so desired.

White Gold Wedding Rings and Bands

White gold is less expensive than platinum and is made by mixing yellow gold with palladium, which produces its white color. To create a whiter finish, it is sometimes plated in rhodium, a very expensive and rare metal.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Rose gold is also a popular metal that lends a romantic feel and traditionalism to any wedding band or ring. Rose gold contains a rather high content of copper to bring about a rich glowing affect.

Growing in popularity, especially amongst people looking for a romantic or traditional style ring, or for those who

Two Color Wedding Rings and Bands

Two create a two colored ring, different colored metals are used with distinct visual contrasts to create a striking look.

Elements of Wedding Band and Ring Designs

The elements of the wedding band or ring design is as important as the metal used. There are many styles to chose from, and styles can be subtle or strikingly bold. If gemstones are preferred as part of the ring setting, popular choices include emeralds, sapphire, tanzanite and diamonds. There are also many semi-precious stones that make for beautiful settings, but are very reasonably priced for those on a budget.

How to Save On Wedding Bands and Rings

The best way to save on wedding bands and rings is to look for end of season sales, when large discounts may apply to some very pricey bands and rings. If you find the rings you are looking for during a clearance sale, you can literally save hundreds of dollars. Another way to save is to look for jewelry or department store coupons that can often be found in mailings or inserted into newspapers.

Again, you can save a great deal by taking advantage of store stocked wedding rings and bands that are quite unique and beautiful. Many jewelers have website, where you can find great savings on wedding rings and bands. Some websites have designers who will hand make a wedding band or ring to your specifications. Most Internet jewelers will take you step-by-step through the selection or creating process, so that you know what you are creating is what you want.

Price Comparisons On Wedding Rings and Bands

If you choose to go with a high-quality, classic PT950 platinum wedding band, approximately 1.8mm thick, in sizes four to seven; searching the Internet at various wedding ring and band websites price ranges will fall between $900 to approximately $1000 for a woman’s band and approximately $1190 to $1500 for a man’s band, depending on the size. Special finishes available include high polish, Florentine, stone or brushed.

Compare the platinum wedding band to an 18K yellow gold band in sizes four to seven for a woman, you’ll find prices ranging from $600 to $700. In sizes eight to 12, prices start at approximately $750.

Wedding rings in 14k yellow gold with a three stone round diamond (1.50 carats) setting can be found on the Internet for approximately $3200, and a white gold, three stone round diamond (2.0 carats) sells for approximately $5000. This ring is also available in yellow gold for the same price.

If you’re on a budget and looking for something unique, yet still very popular, a cobalt chrome wedding ring is offered at approximately $600, and is available in a variety of finishes and sizes. It has a beautiful look and is a great choice for both brides and grooms. Also available are two-toned 18k wedding bands that have a versatile, two-metal color in gold and platinum. Perfect for a bride and groom, this ring is available in sizes five to seven and a half at approximately $900 and sizes eight to 12 1/2 for approximately $1300.

Tiffany & Co. Wedding Rings and Bands

Tiffany wedding rings and bands are the height of everlasting beauty, whether you choose modern, traditional or a ring embellished in precious stones. Tiffany rings come in gold, white gold, platinum and diamond. One of Tiffany’s latest additions is the Bezet band ring. It has a round, elegant and modern shape with beautiful, brilliant, round diamonds set in platinum. The band width is 2.6mm wide and retails for approximately $2000.

Blue Nile offers an elegant sapphire and diamond ring that makes an exceptional and durable wedding band starting at approximately $3200. The ring has fabulous round diamonds that alternate with blue, vibrant sapphires set in a sculptured-edge, sharped prongs platinum band.

Finding the Right Ring

Believe it or not, you can go to Tiffany& Co. website or Blue Nile and find a variety of stunning wedding bands and rings in a variety of sizes and thickness, some at very affordable prices.

Whether you wish to go with a handmade design, traditional, unique or modern, by searching various sites on the Internet, you will get a good idea of what is popular and what is available at prices you can afford. Once you get an idea of what you like, you can always check local jewelers to see if their prices compare.

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