Tacori Engagement Ring Settings

Tacori engagement rings are some of the most coveted engagement rings among the elite. Several celebrities have purchased Tacori engagement rings for their beloved fiancé. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Menunous, Monica Cotto, Brooke Shields, and Paris Hilton all have worn designs by Tacori.

It is not uncommon to see the celebrities walk the red carpet in the Tacori designs. This particular jeweler is lauded as the designer to the stars. Tacori engagement rings have been featured in magazines, like Vogue, Elle, W, InStyle, Fashion, InDesign, and National Designer. Some of the most rare diamonds and cuts may be found among Tacori fashions.Tacori Diamond

Tacori engagement rings are handcrafted in California with incredible detail.

The diamonds and the bands are exquisite. Patrons around the globe wear the famous Tacori fashions. The designs of the rings vary. Tacori accounts for the personality of the client.

Software is provided to help the gentleman select a perfect diamond to match your sweetheart’s personality and lifestyle. Clients may select from options such as:

Designate Her Chosen Location:

  • Urban
  • Outdoorsy
  • Exotic

Designate Her Style:

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Stilletto Heels
  • No Shoes At All

Designate Her Musical Preferences:

  • Rock Concerts
  • Jazz Concerts
  • Underground

Designate Celebrities Most Like Her:

  • Classic
  • Trailblazer
  • Fabulous

Tacori will recommend a diamond based upon her lifestyle and personal preferences. Tacori takes some of the pressure off the selection process and recommends diamonds that a woman of her caliber would probably like. Tacori not only believes that a diamond should be selected based upon cut, clarity, carat, and color, but also communication.


Cut is probably the single most distinguishing feature of the diamond. Tacori offers consumers a range of cuts. Celebrity clients and others have selected from the following diamond collection:

  • Round Brilliant
  • Princess Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Pear Shaped
  • Oval Diamond
  • Heart Shaped
  • Emerald Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Asscher Cut


Clarity refers to the flaws a diamond possesses. The grading scale ranges from “F” for “Flawless” to “I” for “Included.” Between these designations are the following ratings:

  • VVS – Very Very Slightly Included
  • VS – Very Slightly Included

A Flawless diamond is considered the most desirable diamond and also the most expensive.


Carat describes the weight of the diamond. Typically, women desire high quality diamonds of a high carat weight. Large carat diamonds are rare in nature. Therefore, they are more valuable to the public.


Color ranges from “D” to “Z”. Colors “D” through “F” are described on the chart as “Colorless.” Colors “G” through “I” are described as “Near Colorless.” Diamonds may also come in colors such as red, purple, green, yellow and pink.

Celebrities are requesting yellow and pink diamonds currently. They are extremely rare in nature and are very expensive. Tacori only selects and offers its clients “D” through “I” color diamonds.


This is the fifth “C” that Tacori adds for its clients. Select a diamond that will complete your dream as well as hers. Determine whether your girlfriend values quality over size or vice versa.

This will help you select a ring that is perfect for her. Determine the cut and setting she desires as well. Communication in this step of the process will be indicative of your willingness to communicate in other stages of the process as well.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Tacori also offers its consumers Conflict Free diamonds. This indicates that the diamonds were not obtained from a war situation where human lives were sacrificed to obtain the diamonds.


Tacori diamonds are not only certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), but they are also certified by GemEx. GemEx indicates the Fire, Brilliance, and Scintillation of round brilliant diamonds. Round Brilliant are the most common diamond chosen for an engagement ring and are the best light performers. Round brilliant diamonds are rated from Very High to Medium High for light performance.


Fire describes how well the diamond disperses light into colors of the spectrum.


Brilliance describes how well the diamond reflects white light, its contrast, and its brightness.


Scintillation describes how the diamonds sparkle in the light.

Tacori Diamond Collection

Tacori only selects the highest quality diamonds in each of the aforementioned categories to offer to their consumers. Only the best diamonds will hold the Tacori name to ensure that no matter the type of ring the gentleman selects for his sweetheart he will select a quality diamond.

Each Tacori engagement ring design is considered a work of art. Tacori diamonds are selected to last for generations and become family heirlooms.

Price Range

The price range of the diamond will depend upon the quality and size of the diamond. Price is based upon cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Most commonly carat weight is considered a major determinant of the price of a diamond.

However, if carat weight remains constant, clarity plays a larger role in the price point of the diamond engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring that is Colorless and Flawless of a smaller carat weight may cost more or be comparable to a diamond ring that is Near Colorless and Very Slightly Included of a larger carat weight. Price more depends upon its rarity in nature than the weight of the diamond alone.

Men are recommended to spend two month’s salary purchasing an engagement ring for their sweethearts. However, the number is rising as gentlemen find it important to express their love through diamonds. According to the American Wedding Survey, the average cost expected has increased by 39 percent. Most importantly be certain the diamond selection expresses the significance of adding your sweetheart to your life.

Price Examples of Tacori Engagement Rings

The Dantela Collection by Tacori offers consumers some of the valuable round brilliant diamonds set in modern, traditional, and classic settings. These diamonds will leave your sweetheart speechless and in awe.

  • Princessa Dantela: $2,360 through $4,250
  • Dantella Collection: $4,790 through $7,450
  • Oval Diamonds: $3,680 through $8,420

Sizing Tips

Gentleman who would like to determine their girlfriend’s ring size may have to be slightly cunning if he or she wants it to remain a secret. Some fellows try to find a friend to assist with the process. A girl friend of your sweetheart may take her to a jewelry store to try on rings for fun. This will allow the girl’s friend to know their ring size. Then, the male can ask the friend what type of ring he or she would like and her ring size.

When selecting a ring that can be sized, it may be better to err on the larger side than smaller. You would like to be able to slide the ring onto her finger with ease. If your girlfriend’s fingers are small and petite, a size eight ring may be too large. However, a size 5 ring may be closer to her actual ring size. A friend or even a jeweler may be able to assist you in determining her ring size.

Places to Buy Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement rings may be found in several locations in the United States and Canada. Browse the selection on the website, to get an idea of the diamond that you would like to select for your girlfriend. Then, make a trip to the store to view the physical attributes of the diamond.

How to Get the Best Deal

Find several diamond dealers that carry the Tacori brand. Determine the cut, carat weight, approximate color, and approximate clarity desired for the diamond. Compare prices to determine the best price given the style that you desire. Keep in mind that the beauty of the Tacori diamond is in the artistry and style of the ring, as well as, the quality of the diamond.

Therefore, consumers may not be able to cut corners in terms of costs. Selecting a Near Colorless diamond rather than a Colorless diamond will save money. In addition, selecting a Tacori diamond in the “G” through “I” clarity category, rather than the “D” through “F” clarity category will also save a significant portion of money on the diamond.

Tacori diamonds are not offered to consumers with specifications lower than those listed above. This ensures the quality is exhibited in every Tacori diamond purchased. The only other way to save money on a Tacori diamond is by purchasing from a store that specializes in the diamonds and sell high quality diamonds.

How to Ensure She Will Like It

Tacori makes every effort to assist the gentleman in the diamond selection process. Tacori offers the software that allows gentlemen to select the lifestyle the girlfriend prefers and recommends a diamond based upon the selections chosen. Diamonds should describe the commitment to your girlfriend.

If you think her style is exquisite and unique, then select a Tacori engagement ring that expresses this love. A Flawless and Colorless Diamond will express that you think your love for one another is deserving of a symbolism of perfection.

Present the ring in a romantic setting. Low lighting, soothing music, candles, and other romantic gestures will set the mood and create the perfect moment for a proposal. However, keep in mind, that you would also desire for your potential fiancé to view the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of the beautiful stone. Lighting will assist with the spectacular presentation created by the sparkle of the diamond. Ensure that the diamond has been recently and professionally cleaned to show the diamond’s beauty and grandeur.

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