CZ Engagement Ring

How to Choose a CZ Engagement Ring

The purchase of an engagement ring can be the most important acquisition that a gentleman will ever make and with so many choices, he may become confused at what to buy his potential bride to be. However, this does not have to be a frightening decision, even for those who do not have a lot of money to spend. One of the most popular ways to please your lady without closing out your checking account is to purchase a cubic zirconium engagement ring.

CZ engagement rings are the most fashionable rings that a person can purchase for a reasonable price, and with so many technological innovations in the creation of cubic zirconium rings, the average person cannot tell the difference between a CZ and a real diamond. This is because the stone is actually as close to a real diamond as scientifically possible without waiting thousands of years for the natural stone to form.

CZ rings have rivaled even the most brilliant natural stones since their inception in the mid 1970’s and continue to be the only synthetic production that can rival the sparkle of naturally mined diamonds. One of the main reasons that the CZ has become so popular across the globe is based on the fact that it is a mere fraction of the cost of a natural diamond although its radiance is practically the same.

How Can A CZ Be So Cheap

To understand the pricing of cubic zirconium, one needs to know a brief history of the synthetic stone. A natural diamond is the product of intense heat and pressure of coal far below the earth’s surface. The combined heat and pressure will eventually form one of the hardest crystals known to man, a diamond. Knowing that there was such a demand for this beautiful crystal, humans have attempted to recreate this stone for many years, earning success in the mid 1970’s.

The process is complex, but ultimately, scientists were able to recreate the conditions similar to that of the deep earth by using a powder known as zirconia to replicate the formation of a diamond. Due to the fact that these synthetic diamonds are created in large quantity, they can be offered to the public for far less than the cost to mine an actual diamond from the earth.

Also, the fact that there are so many conflicts in diamond rich areas creates another reason that diamonds are in such a high demand. CZ’s are by far the cheapest alternative to purchasing a real diamond and offer almost all of the same options in styles and designs of natural stones although they are offered for sale at almost 2% of what an actual mined diamond would cost.
CZ Engagement Ring

Where Do I Find CZ Engagement Rings For Sale

There are many different places where one can find CZ engagement rings for sale such as department stores, jewelry accessory shops, and online retail stores.

The most popular place to search for cubic zirconia, however, is through the internet.

There are many new online retail shops that offer these types of rings for sale at even a smaller price than one would pay at traditional brick and mortar shops. The reason for this is simple. An online shop doesn’t have to pay for all of the overhead as do other types of stores. Therefore, they can pass the savings on to their customers. Some of the popular shops online are Almost Diamonds and Eve’s Direct.

At Almost Diamonds, visitors will find numerous pieces of jewelry that are fashioned with cubic zirconia. Another famous place that offers CZ engagement rings is the online shop called Eve’s Addiction. Here, visitors will also find numerous items for sale and even be able to purchase full ring sets instead of one engagement ring. You are actually able to purchase not only the engagement ring, but also the wedding band as well.

Don’t think that just because the diamonds are synthetic that you will get a cheap metal ring. At the two shops listed previously, as with many other shops, CZ engagement rings come set in a pure 925 silver frame and band. Next to platinum and gold, silver is the most sought after metal on the market for jewelry and is just as durable as other metals. These silver CZ engagement rings will definitely turn heads, and with so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find one she will love.

CZ Engagement Ring Sets

To get the most value for your dollar, you may want to look into purchasing a cubic zirconia ring in a set instead of as an individual. There are many advantages to purchasing CZ engagement rings in a set as opposed to purchasing separately. One reason is the simple fact that you will be sure to get a wedding band that will be an exact fit for the engagement ring itself.

You will not have to resize or reshape rings because the engagement ring and the wedding band were made for each other. Another great reason for the purchase of the two rings together is overall price. By purchasing the two rings together, most places give a solid discount on the two pieces of jewelry instead of purchasing separately. If you are purchasing from an online store, you may find that not only does the store give the buyer a discount, but it will also take care of the shipping and handling as well.

One very fashionable ring set that is available to consumers is the Scot Kay Inspired Past Present and Future Wedding CZ ring set that is offered at Eve’s addiction online store. This CZ engagement ring set is beautifully crafted with a center stone that carries a weight of .50 carats as well as a band that has numerous CZ diamond chips that follow the band all the way around. The band is made from genuine 925 sterling silver and will come with a gift box for you to wrap it in, or a carrying pouch if you decide not to use the gift box.

The total weight of the ring is 4.2 grams, which is very lightweight and will not create an uncomfortable load on even the smallest of fingers. The center stone is a special cut shape that portrays a sense of class, and the ring is sure to turn the heads of both friends and family. The wedding band that goes with the engagement ring features a very similar design to the engagement ring itself and also is encircled in CZ diamonds. With so many products in this set, one may be shocked to find out that this ring will cost the purchaser no more than $45.

Celebrity CZ Engagement Rings

Does your potential fiancée enjoy the glitz and glamour that seems to follow celebrities? If so, you may want to check out one of the many celebrity CZ engagement rings that are offered. One of the most popular celebrity rings is the Mariah Carey Emerald Cut replica engagement ring. This ring will make her eyes shine with its all around sparkle, and her friends will marvel at the quality and craftsmanship put in to this piece of jewelry.

As with most, the band itself is pure 925 sterling silver, which is encrusted with CZ diamond chips that wrap entirely around the band. The center stone of this large ring is the highly admired emerald cut, which is a square cut that really allows the cubic zirconia to take in light from all sides. The emerald cut stone has a synthetic weight of 1.5 carats, which is sure to please when she slides this lustrous ring over her finger. The total weight of the ring itself is 6 grams, which feels like quality when worn on any hand.

The Mariah Carey Emerald Cut replica is one of the most sought after replica rings on the market, and one may expect to pay a large sum for its purchase; however, the ring can be bought at many online venues for the small price of $35-$45, not including shipping and handling.

Involve Her in the Process

Many people have found that by involving their potential bride in the process of searching for a ring, the pressure is significantly less than choosing a ring alone. The reason for this is that you will gain an understanding of what types of rings that she likes. For instance, a growing trend among females is the desire for silver colors such as silver and white gold over the traditional yellow gold jewelry.

By involving her in the process, you will not make the mistake of purchasing yellow gold if she wants white gold. This is just one of the many aspects you may find useful when searching for that special ring that you will use to ask for a lady’s hand in marriage. Take a deep breath, and log on to one of the numerous websites today to begin planning for the future instead of just thinking about it.

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