Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

With today’s economy issues, couples are becoming more conscientious of budget issues. Today’s modern couples are also more in tune to a simple and less stuffed lifestyle, some of them becoming “green couples” in harmony with mother earth. These couples are opting for cost effective alternatives when choosing a wedding band and ring. They are selecting less traditional materials that will work well with their lifestyle as well as with their budget.

Stainless steel wedding bands are a popular option for many couples today. Stainless steel is a durable and strong material as one that is hypoallergenic (316L surgical steel), as many people are sensitive to gold. Stainless still is the perfect choice for a man (or woman) who works with his/her hands or who has a very active lifestyle. These rings are almost indestructible, and will last a lifetime.

Many couples opt for saving the money that they will spend in traditional more expensive wedding bands and rings and selecting a budget friendly stainless steel wedding band. They instead, put the money saved towards a down payment towards their first home.


With the increasing popularity of stainless steel wedding rings, more and more styles are being manufactured and today’s couples have a large assortment to choose. These rings are not only very attractive, but they are now including synthetic stones and czs as well – for a more appealing and realistic look.Stainless Steel Wedding Ring Options

A good feature of these rings is that they keep a good polish, unlike gold that tends to scratch and wear uneven due to its flexibility.

They also do not rust, tarnish, stain, or corrode. They are also comfortable as they are lightweight. Stainless steel has a beautiful shine as well. They are sometimes plated with gold or rhodium for a more lustrous shine.

Many styles include synthetic stones, engravings, enamel details, decorative insets, grooves, inlays, carved edges, ridges, PVD stripes, prints, carbon fiber inserts, gold plating inlays, and many other designs. They also include many colored inlays. A beautiful finish is the brown steel, which looks coppery.

They include many different finishes such as a black finish, a polished, brushed, or satin finish, or even a combination of these, and/or gold plating as well. Stainless steel wedding bands come in several widths, from thin bands to 10mm wide.

Pricing and Sizing

Stainless steel wedding bands and rings are super affordable. They can be as low as $8.00 and up, depending on the design. Some designs are truly gorgeous and full of detail, and can go up in price, but still under $100.00. You cannot go wrong with one of these rings if you like stainless steel and your heart is not set on a gold ring or more expensive wedding ring. Designs of these rings mimic designs of the most expensive gold rings, but at a fraction of the price.

Stainless steel rings can be purchased in several sizes and selecting the correct size is important, as most jewelers will not bother to size a stainless steel ring. Sizing the piece would be more expensive than the cost of the ring. If you know your size, order it that size or get fitted at a local jewelry store. This is a free and complimentary service to customers at jewelry stores. Then, order your ring with confidence.

Where to Buy

You can find a wide range of styles by shopping online. The prices are super cheap and there are many discounts available. A simple search on stainless steel wedding bands or rings will show tons of websites to choose. The gorgeous designs at such affordable prices will blow your mind. Some department stores and even some jewelry stores are carrying more stainless steel rings as they are becoming popular with couples and fashionable as well.

Stainless steel wedding bands and rings are a very smart and budget friendly alternative, if you want to save money for other aspects of your wedding. Many couples are opting for this and focusing their budget in other more important issues – of course that is a matter of preference and personal goals.

However, with the many designs that realistically mimic the most expensive designs out there, no one will notice the difference unless you tell, only the trained eye. Styles and designs are becoming more sophisticated and compete in beauty with some of the most expensive pieces around.

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