Curved Wedding Rings

Curved Wedding Bands are an Elegant and Sophisticated Choice

One of the most powerful and enduring symbols of marriage is the wedding ring set. Whether ornate and curved, or simple and elegant, wedding rings are universally beautiful.

This timeless tradition is unwavering and important. Wedding rings have been worn on the third finger of the left hand for centuries – since Roman times. The Romans had a belief that the vein in that particular finger runs directly to the heart. The called it “vena amoris” which is Latin for “vein of love.” They also believed that the never-ending circle of a wedding ring symbolized true, everlasting love.


The very first wedding rings, however, originated in Egypt. They were much different that the rings that we know today. The Egyptians had an enormous amount of respect and adoration for the Nile River – it brought life-giving water to the region. They used the plants on the banks of the Nile to make the very first wedding rings.Wedding Ring Options

These plants included the famous papyrus as well as sedges, grass, rushes and reeds. They also wove these plants into bracelets for wrists and ankles as well.

The circular, curved shape of these very first rings was of great importance to the Egyptians. The circle was a symbol of eternity and eternal love. The hole in the center of the ring symbolized a portal, leading to things that were both certain and uncertain.


Today, wedding rings are available in a myriad of styles and colors. Jewelry designers often incorporate graceful curves into wedding rings. Some wedding rings that are intended to be worn by the woman will have a curve, notch, or chevron on the top of the band. This allows the band to curve seamlessly around an engagement ring featuring a diamond. The advantage of this is that the wearer gets to wear both a wedding band and the engagement ring and the showier engagement ring remains center stage.

Another reason that designers incorporate curves into wedding rings is to make them more comfortable to wear. These rings are often called “comfort fit” rings. The part that touches your finger does not have a sharply-defined edge. Instead, the contour of the ring curves gently. This rounded fit on a ring’s interior is supposed to provide more comfort for longer wear. This feature is especially popular on men’s bands, because they are wider.

Another reason that designers created curved wedding bands and rings is simple – style! Graceful and elegant curves are simple and classic. While a plain band is the most popular style, in France and other European countries a style featuring three curved, interwoven bands also has a large following. These three curved, interwoven bands stand for the three virtues of faith hope and love.

Women in Greece and Turkey sometimes receive uniquely curved puzzle rings – these interlocking, curved bands have to be arranged precisely to form a single ring.

Another type of wedding band using curves is the Celtic knot design. A curved Celtic knot design symbolizes unity and continuity. In a similar vein, the Celtic Claddagh design is used to symbolize fidelity.

Where to Buy

Curved wedding rind and bands can be bought from a variety of sources. Couples who would like their rings to be handmade can check out many different small jewelers on sites such as Etsy. Doing an internet search with the name of your town and the phrase “handmade wedding rings” may also bring up some local jewelers. Many times couples can work with a local jeweler to create custom-made, one-of-a-kind curved rings that symbolize their unique relationship.

Any mall is also going to have at least one jewelry store. It’s advisable for couples to shop around to see what rings best fit their vision. A jewelry store can also tell you what sizes of rings that you will need to buy. Going to a brick-and-mortar jewelry store also allows you to see rings in person. This gives you a better sense of the styles and designs that are available. It is also useful to see what type/quality of rings are offered at each price point.

Couples that already have a good idea of what type of curved rings they want may also want to check out online retailers. Blue Nile is one of the largest online retailers of curved wedding bands. Online shopping allows couples to perform very precise searches based on price range, materials used, style, type of stone, cut of stone, etc.

This ability to search on a very targeted basis is a great time-saver for many couples. Blue Nile also has a section where you can create your own ring and they will make it and ship it to you. Many other online retailers have this ability as well.


Pricing is all over the place depending upon the rings’ material and craftsmanship. Gold is traditional, but the price of gold has risen exponentially in the last couple of years. An 18K gold ring is going to be one of the most expensive options. 14K gold is popular because it still shows off the warm beauty of gold, however, it contains a little less pure gold so it’s not as pricey.

Platinum is another option for curved wedding bands. It is more durable and heavier than gold. Platinum is also denser than gold, so it takes more platinum to make a ring of the same size. For this reason, platinum is a very expensive metal.

Saving Money

Couples that want a slightly less expensive option may want to consider a palladium ring. Palladium is in the platinum family of metals, but it’s much less expensive. Palladium is lighter in color than either platinum or white gold. It’s an excellent choice for couples that are on a budget.

Titanium and tungsten rings are also available. These materials cannot be resized, however, making them a less popular choice for many couples.

Whatever type of curved wedding bands or rings a couple may choose, the ultimate meaning is the same. Choosing a set of rings that match your tastes and personality is an excellent way to begin your union as husband and wife.

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