Cheap Engagement Rings

Classy Engagement Rings at Inexpensive Prices?

While two months one’s salary may be the traditional price of an engagement ring, no couple wants to start out a marriage with more financial troubles than necessary. No need to worry!

The best news about this topic is it is indeed possible to find a classy, beautiful engagement ring at a reasonable, affordable price. There are essentially two methods of finding an affordable engagement ring: Discount stores and online shopping.

Discount Stores

For those who like to see what the ring looks like in person before purchasing it, buying an engagement ring at a store like Walmart or even Kohl’s might be the best option if price is the main concern.

The main benefit of purchasing a ring from a store like Walmart is the low price. The most expensive engagement ring that can be found at most Walmart stores is around $800 for a 1/2 carat diamond with a yellow gold band. Many rings of such a size and style at other stores would cost well over $1000.Cheap Wedding Rings

Another benefit is the style of the rings discount stores carry.

Many are in an exceptionally similar to style to more expensive brands like those found at Zale’s, Kay, or Fred Meyer Jewelers.

If a particular leading lady really enjoys a ring one of those stores carry, her man may be able to find an intensely similar ring at a store like Walmart or Kohl’s.

Online Shopping

The more thorough and time-consuming method of finding that perfect ring at a perfect price is shopping online.

The internet is home to a plethora of jewelry companies.

These companies provide buyers with more than a fistful of customization options. One of the most popular customization websites is

At Blue Nile, there are three main steps to building the perfect ring. The first step is selecting the specific diamond that will be used. A man can pick the diamond’s carat value, cut, clarity, and color.

He can also make the decision extremely simple by using the price meter, ensuring he buys the cheapest diamond possible which will be under $300 for this particular site.

Selecting the Setting for the Diamond

The next step is selecting the perfect setting for the selected diamond. The setting option has four categories: Classic, vintage, sidestone, and color. Classic is the cheapest option, but the looks are chic and sophisticated, often displaying a solid band and place for a solitary diamond.

The classic look is one of the most popular for engagement rings at any jewelry store, so the price is definitely right for a solid band and matching wedding band at under $700.

For those who want a more unique touch to an engagement ring, the other options come with price tags that can still be considered a discount when other stores are taken into consideration, however, they will also run around $2000 or more. Other custom sites like offer options similar to Blue Nile, however, they are much more expensive (average price approximately $4000).

Overstock.Com Bargains

If customization is not a great concern, one website that is worth visiting is At this website, there are hundreds of engagement rings for sale at both incredibly low and high prices. The great thing about the site is the buyer can select the “under $1000” search option, and then take as much time as needed browsing the rings that have the lowest price tags.

The rings on are not grouped in any particular way, however, so the site does not have the convenience of Blue Nile. The buyer may be looking for sidestone rings and not see any for three pages or more.

A feature has that Blue Nile does not, however, is the discount notification. At, the buyer is fully aware of how much a ring like the one they are viewing normally costs at other stores. For example, it is possible to find a ring that normally costs over $1000 for as little as $500.

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