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Tacori Wedding Bands & Rings

For more than forty years, Tacori craftsmen have designed and handcrafted their exquisite masterpieces. The European patriarch brought his craft to California in 1969 where his designs gained popularity for their quality and elegance, regardless of whether the design is contemporary or vintage. From platinum to gold and pure silver, a Tacori ring will always make a statement.

Engagement Rings

Five basic collections, yet hundreds of ways to express your love.

The Simply Tacori collection was inspired by the engagement of a family member. Combining contemporary elements with an heirloom feel, this elegant collection features the signature Tacori single crescent redesigned for a timeless appeal. Elegant filigree detailing on the sides of the band enhances its beauty, providing something to delight the eyes from every point of view. The 2575RD9 is a perfect example of the Simply Tacori collection. Elegant tooled crescents contain tapered baguette diamonds leading to the brilliant center stone. Simple, elegant, always in style, the 2575RD9 whispers beauty from every angle. Prices range from $2,360.00 to $5,500.00

The Signature Crescent Silhouette collection features the Tacori’s hallmark crescent design. A series of interlocking half-moon cutaways allows the light to flood into the diamonds from all sides. The 2578RD9 features a ribbon-twist band and is highlighted by crescent silhouette diamonds, providing a glamorous backdrop for the main attraction – a beautifully cut center stone. Prices range from $2,980.00 to $6,140.00.

The Tacori Engraved Collection hearkens back to the company’s European roots. Master craftsmen hand etch a wheat or scroll pattern to add beauty, depth, visual interest, and elegance to this collection. The 2504PRE65 showcases the intricate detailing that can only be achieved through hand etching. Elegant wheat shafts surround the band. They lead to delicate rosettes that bring out the best qualities of the center stone. This beautiful ring reflects the romanticism of an era gone by; yet will last for years to come. Prices range from $2,450.00 to $3,790.00.

The Dantela collection is the height of glamour. Its real name translates to “Lace”. Intricate diamond lace envelopes the band, framing the magnificent center stone. The 2620PRLGP is a ring fit for a princess. The band is a circle of light, set with channel-cut diamonds. Signature Tacori engraving brings an heirloom feel to this thoroughly modern beauty. Pave-set diamonds form a lacy backdrop for the star of the show – a princess-cut center stone. Prices range from $2,470.00 to $4,250.00.

The Neotaré collection’s bold lines are the perfect choice for the modern yet elegant woman. The 280175 is quintessential Neotaré. The smooth, polished face of the band provides a stark contrast to the elegant crescent carvings that scroll up its sides. Three stunning princess-cut diamonds are clearly the stars of this masterpiece. Prices range from $3,630.00 to $9,230.00.

Tacori engagement rings are set with the smaller accent stones, but do not contain the center diamond. Knowing how distinctive an engagement ring is to the bearer, Tacori offers an exquisite selection of center stones that they will mount in the setting of your choice. Additionally, if one already has a center stone that has individual meaning to the owner, perhaps from one’s mother’s ring or one’s grandmother’s ring, the expert craftsmen at Tacori will help to select the perfect setting to showcase the center stone.

If one cannot find a ring that perfectly suits one’s personality, Tacori is pleased to offer its design services. After all, this once-in-a-lifetime occasion deserves the ring of one’s dreams. The master designers at Tacori are able to turn one’s dreams into reality.

Wedding Rings for Her

The engagement is only the prelude to life together. Choose the wedding band with as much care as one has shown in choosing their spouse, and she will have a tasteful, elegant reminder of one’s love for her that she can proudly wear every day.

The 2598B beautifully compliments the Simply Tacori engagement ring. Deco details lend an heirloom quality to this wedding band. A string of diamonds nestled into the Tacori crescents illuminate and accent the engagement ring. Prices range from $3,430.00 to $8,400.00.

The 2578B is a stunning accent to the Signature Crescent Silhouette ring. Brilliant diamonds line this ribbon-twist band, providing a complimentary, but not competing elegance to the twists on the engagement ring. Prices range from $2,740.00 to $5,260.00.

The HT2204 features beautiful hand engraving encircling the sides, matching the master craftsmanship of the Tacori Engraved engagement ring. Channel-set round diamonds proudly march up the center of the ring, surrounded by delicate crescents. Prices range from $1,360.00 to $3,770.00.

The 2576B1 provides the perfect compliment to the Dantela engagement ring. Simple, yet beautiful, this ring features a straight band of princess-cut diamonds, surrounded by elegant beading. A delicate, hand-etched crescent at the bottom of the ring echoes the heirloom quality of the engagement ring. Prices range from $1,830.00 to $2,600.00.

The 2521HP features a bold, sleek look that mirrors the Neotaré engagement ring. High polish meets high fashion in this modern and angular wedding ring. The mirror-like finish rises to a peak running down the center of the ring, reflecting light up into the princess-cut diamonds of the engagement ring. Prices range from $840.00 to $1,510.00.

Wedding Rings for Him

Tacori wedding rings for him are the ultimate combination of masculinity and elegance. Finishes come in a range of highly polished, brushed, a mottled pebble finish, or a combination of finishes. His ring may be brushed along the face of the band, and encircled with highly polished edges. Crescent engravings and beaded edges can adorn his ring, or it can be unpretentious and rugged as he is. Diamond accents are always an elegant option for the man of your dreams. Tacori also offers its signature three-dimensional flattened designs in geometric patterns, either tone-on-tone, or with yellow gold as the base for the platinum carvings. Whatever his preference, Tacori is guaranteed to have a ring that he will be proud to wear – almost as proud as he is to have her hand in marriage. Prices range from $1,420.00 to $7,410.00.

Size Matters

While most of the Tacori rings can be re-sized if the fit is close, it is better to make sure the correct size is ordered. If one thinks that their loved one is about to pop the question, drop subtle hints about the correct ring size. Perhaps the next time the couple is out, one could look at some cocktail rings, and ask the further spouse if he thinks that the size 5 looks better on the bride’s finger or the size 4.5. If he is truly ready to propose, he will file that fact away for the proper time.

Elegant Jewelry for Other Occasions

While they are well known for their stunning wedding and engagement rings, Tacori also offers a wide variety of exquisitely designed jewelry to commemorate all of the other memorable occasions in one’s life.

The 18k925 collection celebrates your life with 18-karat gold and 925 silver. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets sport beautiful semi-precious stones and diamonds. Chains are beautifully polished to a high shine. Subdued earrings compliment colorful cocktail rings. Candy-drop stones are fashioned into stunning bracelets or delicate opera-length necklaces.

The Champagne Sunset collection combines the fire of the sun in 18k gold with the moonlight glow of diamonds set in platinum. Rose gold evokes the gentle colors of the sky as the sun sets over the sea. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings come alive with the colors of nature in this stunning collection.

The Afleuréss collection showcases the craftsmanship of Tacori jewelers. Openwork lacy designs in precious metals feel and look as though you captured a bouquet in silver, gold, and platinum. Delicate earrings complete the look of woven flowers for a fresh-from-the-field yet polished look.

The Dantela collection exudes glamour with its brilliant round diamonds blooming like flowers, catching and magnifying the light, drawing everyone’s eyes towards you. Beautiful pendants compliment and enhance your glamorous side, whether in jeans and a t-shirt or red carpet ready.

The Tacori Crescent collection features their signature crescents, in a variety of styles, from the simple to breathtaking. Swirling earrings engraved with crescents can be paired with the Snowflake necklace for a bold statement, or with a delicate floating crescent chain for a more toned-down look.

The Monogram collection blends the heirloom charm of elegant script with Tacori’s signature crescents and flawless diamonds to create a treasured pendant. It is a design that will be appreciated for many generations. Smaller pendants can be combined, on the same chain. This allows the wearer wear the monogram of each of her loved ones. Match the necklace with a monogrammed ring to complete the look of old-world elegance today.

Ready to Own Classic Design?

Tacori concentrates on creating the designs of your dreams, not on sales floors. Tacori distributes its creations through a network of authorized Tacori retailers who are eager to assist in making a one-of-a-kind purchase. Authorized Tacori retailers are located throughout the United States and Canada.

In order to create a more personalized experience, Tacori also offers a Concierge service. The Tacori Concierge, located in the California design studios, is a professional consultant who will help to choose the piece of jewelry most suited to the buyer’s personality. He will provide one-on-one consultation by phone, getting to know the client and their tastes. That way, he will be able to assist the buyer in making an informed decision.

Tacori knows that its craftsmanship will last a lifetime. They want to ensure that the client continues to enjoy it for at least as long.

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