Amethyst Engagement Rings

Amethyst is quartz that is available in a wide range of distinct colors. They can be a pale lilac to a deep and rich purple. The variation of colors is caused by impurities of iron within the structure of the crystal.

While this impurity can be replicated in synthetic amethyst, it is nowhere near as captivating as a true stone.

Amethyst’s Unique Qualities

Part of the uniqueness of amethyst is because the impurities contain several colors besides the traditional purple inside the quartz. A red, blue, or pink tone is not uncommon, and adds to the individuality of the ring.

This semi-precious stone is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings as more couples decide to follow a less traditional, but equally beautiful path.


While using amethyst in engagement rings is relatively new, the idea of amethyst being a stone worthy of great attention goes back thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that this purple quartz could protect from intoxication, and it is still used as a talisman against various addictions.

Some cultures even went as far as to say that amethyst held healing powers. According to these traditions, amethyst can calm negative emotions, reduce stress, and ease headaches.

However, these symbols of amethyst do not reflect the idea of marriage and love. Hopefully a marriage is not filled with addiction or stressed. The meaning of amethyst does not stop there.

Religious Connections

It is also deeply connected to several religions. This extends amethyst to symbolize spirituality, sincerity, and purity. These are all characteristics of wedding vows. Even a couple that is not associated with a specific denomination can relate to a spiritual presence as their love is based on their hearts and minds. Sincerity condones the genuine, consensual love between the two.

Purity reflects the idea that their love is not tainted by outside circumstances that would jeopardize the root of their happiness. These vows are both promises they make to themselves and each other in the midst of a world that may seem to be against them.

February Birthstone

Of course, amethyst is often associated with the month of February. The idea of birthstones emerged in the Middle Ages by fortune tellers who believed specific stones were attached to specific months.

They taught that if someone held on to their respective birthday month stone, they would live a life of happiness, luck, and fortune. A couple that gets married or engaged in the month of February may recognize the “birthday” of their union with an amethyst to fuel the happiness, luck, and fortune they hope to have with their marriage.


february birthstone

Amethyst stones can be incorporated into nearly every engagement ring design.

They can be used in place of or in conjunction with the traditional diamond.

However, there is no need to stick to a traditional design when opting for such a non-traditional stone. Here are several popular styles of amethyst engagement rings.

  • Art Deco Rings – An art deco engagement ring will have bold patterns that incorporate amethyst. The amethyst is often paired with other stones of complimentary colors for an even more dramatic look. Popular stones that are chosen for this design are peridot, pink tourmaline, or sapphires. This is an extremely bold look so make sure the design compliments the potential bride’s personality.
  • Figural Rings – As the name implies, figural rings incorporate a figure into the design. The most popular are butterflies and flowers created out of several stones of amethyst. The stunning color and femininity is captivated in a figural amethyst engagement ring.
  • Wide Band Rings – Amethysts are relatively reasonable in comparison to diamonds or other precious stones. However, they are just as striking. To get the most amethyst possible, choose a wide band to take advantage of the perfect combination of beauty and affordability.
  • Eternity Rings – An eternity ring is one that has stones encircling the entire finger to represent the continuity of the love. Amethyst can be used as the only stone, or it can be interspersed with others such as diamonds or tanzanite.
  • Tri Stone Rings – Each stone of this 3 stoned ring represent a different period of the couple’s life together: past, present, and future. All three can be amethyst, or only one or two may be amethyst. This is an ideal way to incorporate amethyst into an engagement ring while still having the option of a traditional diamond as the central focal point.

The only limit on amethyst engagement rings is the designer’s imagination. A designer could use any combination of the popular styles with any combination of complimentary stones.

While it is common to find engagement rings that use only amethyst, rings that incorporate several stones are more frequently found. Often times, if a single amethyst is used, it is in an oval or heart shape.

Common Types of Related Metals

Also, certain types of metals are more commonly utilized. Platinum, white gold, and silver are by far the most popular. Yellow gold is relatively rare for engagement rings because it is such a soft metal.

The ring will be worn for decades, and it should be strong enough to withstand this duration. The yellow hue can also bring out a yellow tint in the amethyst that is considered undesirable and is the least valuable. When buying an amethyst engagement ring, opt for a silver colored metal for its strength and compatibility with the stone.

Where to Find

Diamonds dominate the market for engagement rings by far. This can make it difficult to find an amethyst engagement ring. However, thinking outside the box can open up many more options. For example, the fact that amethyst is a birthstone makes jewelry readily available. Many jewelry stores will have cases specifically for the different months.

Because amethyst stones are not the most popular choice for engagement rings, they are likely not to be displayed in the wedding case. They may be labeled as right hand rings or simply gemstone rings. Browse the store instead of restricting yourself to the engagement rings. Any ring can be an engagement ring; it is all about the meaning that the couple bestows upon it.

Looking for More Unique Amethyst Designs

Those who want a more unique amethyst design that national chain stores may not carry need to look even further. Specialty jewelers often have independent artisans that may be willing to create a custom piece with unusual stones.

This can guarantee that the ring looks like an engagement ring with the added benefit of an amethyst. Some stores even have a “mix and match” type of option. They will have settings that contain no stones, and then the customer picks out the stone themselves.

The jeweler will be able to help you pick out the best combination as you will not be able to see the finished product as you pick it out.

Buying Jewelry on the Internet buying jewelry on the web

Finally, do not be afraid of the internet.

While it may have a bad reputation for scheming con artists, there are a vast amount of honest jewelers that operate via the web.

The best way to tell who you can trust and who is scamming you is to examine the return policy.

A true jeweler will understand that a piece of jewelry cannot be captured on film, thus you will not be able to decide if the amethyst engagement ring suits your tastes until it is shipped. Reputable online stores will accept the jewelry back at no charge to the customer. Disreputable dealers will have an “all sales final” policy.


As rare as amethyst engagement rings are, amethyst itself is not in short supply. It used to be a far more expensive stone but amethyst became abundant with the discovery of deposits in the recent decades.

Thus, the price of the stone came down. For those hunting for an amethyst engagement ring, it can mean that the ring will be significantly cheaper than a diamond counterpart. A high quality amethyst will be more beautiful and desirable than a low quality diamond.

Custom Design Price Range

However, that theory only applies to amethyst engagement rings that are labeled as right hand rings or gemstone rings. Having a custom designed ring by a jeweler is always more expensive no matter what stone you choose.

It can be worth the price if the jeweler is a professional, but make sure to examine his work or talk to previous clients before investing your time and money.

Basically, amethyst rings can span a wide price range. They can be as low as $150, or than can cost more than $1,000. It all depends on the quality and size of the amethyst, the type of metal that is used, addition of accent stones, overall detail, and customization.


Part of the popularity of traditional diamond rings is their durability; nothing can hurt a diamond. While amethyst is not quite that strong, it is pretty durable. Showing the ring a little bit of attention and proper care ensures that the amethyst will last as long as the love it embodies.

There are certain elements that amethyst should not be exposed to. The ring should not be worn when dealing with chlorine or salt water.

This means that the bride should not wear it swimming in pools or oceans, or when cleaning without nonporous gloves. Both the chlorine and salt water will discolor the amethyst by subtly changing the iron impurities that gives it the unique color.

What to Avoid

Amethyst should also not be exposed to high heat or prolonged direct sunlight. This can also discolor the amethyst, especially the deeper shades, and produce more of a yellowish hue in the stone. This would take years to even recognize the change, but an amethyst engagement ring will be worn continuously for decades.

This does not mean that you cannot wear the ring outside, but you may want to consider removing it for a trip to the beach.

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